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Mime? And what is that?

Mimicry is a description made exclusively through gestures, gestures and body movements, without using words.

The winner is whoever guesses as many terms represented in mime form as possible.

Simple concepts for unlimited fun.

With cards to draw yourself.

Pedagogical Tip 👩🏻‍🎓

Card game in which the objective is to describe a drawing, an object, an animal, etc... using body gestures, facial gestures, etc...

It is a simple game but at the same time very good to introduce little ones from 4 years old, in social play, in compliance with some rules for the good end of the game, in conscious knowledge of their body and endless of benefits for their integral development.

Motor skills, both fine and gross, are enhanced and imagination is encouraged. As for imagination, we can suggest that our little ones use costumes they have at home to support their performance. We love creative children... let's give them wings!

Boys and girls learn from the people they are close to, family, friends, educators... but they also learn from the environment and the things that surround them. That is why HABA pays special attention to the invention of well-designed toys and games that allow them to play with a lot of imagination, that test them according to their age and, above all, that provide them with a lot of fun.

Instructions: 👉🏻 mime instructions 👈🏻

48 cards with figures, 7 blank cards, 1 hourglass, 1 game instructions.

Players: from 4

Material: metal, plastic and cardboard.

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    0.5 kg

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    20cm x 14cm x 3cm

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Free Shipping From 80€
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