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Magic Touch Musical Activity Table


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This colorful and fun magic touch musical activity table is magical. Baby Einstein provides little ones with learning and fun through toys and is perfect for their development and stimulation!

It has different activities to awaken your curiosity :

  • Play more than 20 instruments with just one touch.
  • 3 language options.
  • Combination of instruments in free mode.
  • Funny mode with different sounds and LED light to stimulate visual tracking and color exploration.

In addition to all the play possibilities it offers, it grows with the child, and it can be adjusted so that the child can play sitting or standing.

This type of game is ideal for developing children's fine motor skills , as well as stimulating their imagination, creativity and social skills.

For musical education and development, it is interesting to introduce children to more complex musical instruments. These not only require a high degree of concentration, but also train motor skills.

Additionally, our miniature instruments inspire them to make music and generate an understanding of the connection between music, rhythm and movement. This in turn promotes sensory perception and ultimately also personal development.

For babies, the world is a great adventure, which they encounter anew every day with curiosity.

What's more, the curiosity of little discoverers is satisfied with innovative products that have been developed in cooperation with Kids II, a toy manufacturer known for its educational and multimedia products.

From elementary ear training on the drum to early musical education on the interactive wooden piano, the Baby Einstein line combines cutting-edge technology with high-quality materials.

For all this, the award-winning Magic Touch technology represents the durability and value of a classic wooden toy, combined with today's latest musical toy technology.

A 2016 study at the University of Southern California found that young children who played instruments experienced an increase in brain development compared to those who did not.

The researchers specifically saw growth in brain areas responsible for language development, speech perception, sound processing and reading skills.

> Cleaning: Buttonless wooden design makes it easy to clean. Do not submerge in water.

> Operation: 3 AA/R6 batteries (included 🔋).

> Assembled measurements: 45cm (Height) x 37cm (Width) x 45cm (Length)

From 1 yearintellectual developmentEmotional development

The Details

  • Weight:

    3.2 kg

  • Material:

    Safe wood and plastic.

  • Dimensions:

    46cm x 44cm x 17cm

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Magic Touch Musical Activity Table

Musical Tip 🎶:

This musical multi-activity table is perfect for early musical stimulation of little ones.

It is the perfect complement for auditory discrimination of instrument families, sounds, for learning diverse musical vocabulary, colors and for the work of imagination, creativity and improvisation.

We can play to guess what animal has sounded, what the name of what sounds is, to imitate rhythms and melodies and create them.

Free Shipping From 80€
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