Cooking is not chemistry. It's an art. Requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements
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In gastronomy there is a lot of learning, fun and excitement that you can share with the little ones in the house. Julia Child already said that “you don't have to cook sophisticated or complicated masterpieces, just good food with fresh ingredients.” Dylan Jones assured that “recipes don't work unless you use your heart,” and Cervantes proclaimed that “sorrows with bread are less sorrows.”

Now that your children are on vacation and the days are long and bright and lend themselves to excursions in the mountains, visits to the beach or walks along the river, we have a lot of fresh and healthy recipes for children that you can cook as a family. These dishes shine for their colors, appetizing textures, delicious flavors and attractive aromas: they can be eaten cold, carried in a container and are also very beneficial on a nutritional level, they prioritize seasonal products and highlight the Mediterranean diet, which has six consecutive years being considered the best in the world.

You can ask the little ones to help with the preparation: cooking lees helps to develop basic skills, learn mathematics, explore their senses, encourage an adventurous palate and gain autonomy, fine motor skills, concentration and creativity. They are all advantages! Now, prepare the utensils, make room in your stomach and get ready to discover 10 delicious summer recipes ideal to take to the beach, eat in the countryside or go on a picnic.

10 finger-licking summer recipes for kids

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  • Cold tuna cake : There are few dishes more summery than this delicious pudding. Learn how to do it with Anna Easy Recipes. You only need sliced ​​bread, canned tuna, stuffed olives, eggs, sweet corn, tomato, radishes, chives and mayonnaise. It is a source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and a lot of vitamins and minerals.
  • Tropical Tofu Skewers with Avocado and Mango : A fun, refreshing vegan recipe loaded with iron, protein or vitamin C, among other nutrients. You can take it as an appetizer or main dish and follow the steps on the Health and Nutrition blog. You will be amazed by its soy, lime, and oil dressing, the flavor of fresh vegetables, and the spicy touch of chili. You can eat them hot or cold.
  • Beet Falafel : Transport yourself to the Middle East with this exquisite, colorful and tasty summer recipe for children that you will find on the Directo al Paladar website. In addition to the beets, you will need hydrated chickpeas, fresh herbs such as cilantro and parsley, garlic, onion, and your favorite sauce!
  • Murcian salad: A traditional dish that is also known as homemade moje or mojete and that you can prepare with both natural and preserved tomatoes. It has chopped egg, extra virgin olive oil, capers, olives and canned tuna, or crumbled cod if you prefer. It's tasty... and for dipping bread! Find it in this video .
  • Cold summer cannelloni : A very useful dish that you can version to your liking. To do this, you can use cooked shrimp, pink sauce, Tabasco, lettuce, avocado, tomato and pickle. In addition, preparing cannelloni is very relaxing and a great recipe to make as a team. The Recipes for a Tube channel shows it to you.
  • Lentil burgers: Paulina Cocina explains step by step how to prepare spectacular lentil burgers, a dish that can be eaten hot or cold taking advantage of all the benefits of this complete Mediterranean legume.
  • Salmon Aguachile : If your children like a spicy touch and try dishes from other places in the world, Gipsy Chef will guide you in the preparation of this incredible Mexican recipe adapted to your liking. Instead of prawns or shrimp, he prepares it with salmon and presents it with pita bread and avocado.
  • Panini, the Italian sandwich : If you want to prepare different sandwiches, Diego Doal teaches you how to make panino, the classic Italian sandwich. You will first prepare the homemade schiacciata, a Tuscan focaccia; and two fillings: mortadella, pistachio cream and stracciatella; and ham, fresh mozzarella, pecorino sauce, tomato and basil. Exquisite!
  • Potato omelet with caramelized onion and goat cheese : If you want to make a truly original omelette with your children, try this version loaded with flavor. You can also dare with ingredients such as mushrooms, roasted pepper, zucchini, artichokes or young garlic.
  • Fun gazpachos : Dare to version the classic gazpacho as always and try avocado versions - like the one from Living Like a Panda -, or the melon, cherries and watermelon and apple gazpachos from El Comidista. An original way for the little ones to stay hydrated, consume more fruit and have something cool for mealtime.

Listen to the proverb “empty belly, heart without joy” and innovate, search, version and play with your favorite recipes. You can even handwrite your own recipe book with the children.

Remember that, as Anne-Sophie Pic said, “cooking is a bit like cinema; It is the emotion that counts.”


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