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About the Team

My name is Mercè. I am a very restless, independent, sociable, happy, communicative, observant, dreamer, curious, sincere, adaptable and extroverted person. In short, I'm still a girl, don't you think?

I studied musical teaching, they were very fun years. Music is such a complete experience for children's cognitive development that I couldn't find it more satisfying. During all the years that I worked as a music teacher in early childhood and primary education, I learned a lot about the good environment that is generated with such a dynamic and collaborative activity.

As a restless person, I am always innovating and creating projects of various kinds, but I can't help but feel attracted to that more childish side. For this reason I have come this far, combining my training in business management and administration and childhood. A perfect tandem.

I am Nuria, Mercè's friend and colleague. My personality is active, determined, sociable, loving, honest. Also responsible and open to new challenges. That is why when I found out about this project called Cucamenta, I wanted to contribute my grain of sand in some way because I found it wonderful and exciting.

I have a Diploma in Tourism, a Fashion Design student and Laura's mother. The same day he was born, I knew that the decision to be a single mother was the best thing I had ever done, despite being complicated.

Now his whole world is a fun and enriching passion that I try to enjoy to the fullest. The combination of learning and fun seems fundamental to me, which, added to an aesthetic sensitivity, means that both adults and children enjoy it equally.

I am Aurora, fun, restless, curious, very curious, and willing to learn from various projects like this.

I love the world of children, I have a great time playing with the little ones and above all I enjoy seeing how they grow and how they advance in their development. They are so funny!

I have training in protocol and event organization and I am fascinated by social networks. In fact, I have worked managing some companies here in Mallorca.

For these reasons, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to collaborate with the Cucamenta team, a new, happy project with the most wonderful little bugs as protagonists.

My name is Bernat, and I am here to help the girls in this whole adventure.

I am very dynamic, I like to do many activities and I am excited to learn new things. For this reason, I did not hesitate for a minute to join the Cucamenta club.

A new experience for me, since I am a Firefighter by profession and I also manage a small business, but nothing to do with the sale of educational and musical toys and everything that entails.

I am the father of a girl and a boy, who would surely have loved to be able to play and learn with the entire Cucamenta catalog.

Let's start spreading Happiness!

My name is Andrea, and since I was little, my great passions have been reading and writing. When I was 7 years old, I asked for a tape recorder for my birthday, and I spent the day interviewing family members, creating homemade newspapers, and writing stories.

A few years later, I feel happy to be able to dedicate myself to telling stories. I have a degree in Journalism, a postgraduate degree in Communication and Digital Journalism and I specialize in SEO writing. I currently write for Business Insider Spain and collaborate with different projects, from marketing agencies to company blogs or online stores that are looking for creative, original and well-positioned texts.

In my free time I give free rein to my imagination: I edit Literaturbia.com, my own book magazine, I skate, I make ceramics and I continue playing cards. The magic and power of the game to change the world has made me love being part of a project like Cucamenta.

Miguel Ángel and Pep are the computer scientists who support the structure of Cucamenta and those who make everything work perfectly.

They have a lot of experience and why not say it, they are "cracks".

They have been in charge of creating version 2.0 of the Cucamenta website and the result is spectacular.

Welcome to the team!

Ana García, from Bellver Fotografías (Palma de Mallorca), is in charge of taking the studio photos that you will see both on the web and on social networks.

He does some wonderful projects and, on a personal level, is a loving and sweet person.

At Cucamenta we love her very much and our little ones are delighted to be models with Ana.

We are super happy to have you here!

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