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The nursing pillow has become, for some time now, one of the best purchases that families can make for the baby's breastfeeding period. In this article we will talk to you about its benefits and also its great versatility, since it is also useful for fathers or pregnant women during the gestation period.

What is a nursing pillow?

It is a cushion specially designed and conceived so that both the mother and the baby - or the father in the case of bottle-feeding - have a comfortable position and a relaxed and beneficial body posture.

Depending on their shape, there are several main types: the most common, which are U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped - the cushion is placed around the waist, adjusting to the contour of the abdomen - and churro or snake-shaped , very adaptable and especially valuable also during the months of pregnancy.

You can also find it in an O shape , which completely envelops the torso and is ideal for new mothers, as it provides a greater support surface.

Benefits of the nursing pillow

The mother can place her arms on it and keep her back straight and rested, avoiding muscle pain, cervical discomfort and back problems when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding the baby.

Especially during the first weeks of a child's life, feedings are very long and occur very frequently, and it is also difficult to get the baby to latch on to the breast the first time. The arms, back and neck end up hurting, so the cushion helps to support the baby's weight comfortably, the infant adopts a correct and aligned posture and the tension is released.

The cushion ensures that the baby's mouth is located at the level of the areola of the nipple , avoiding cracks, obstructions, a greater likelihood of mastitis or low milk production.

Furthermore, in the case of a cesarean section, it allows the baby to be brought closer to the breast without having to support it on the area that is healing , and which usually hurts. And when instead of one baby, two arrive, the nursing pillow is ideal for supporting the two twins, one on each side, and being able to breastfeed them at the same time.

Alternative uses of the nursing pillow

Nursing pillow

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Although the main purpose of the nursing pillow is to help the mother and infant maintain a good position when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it is also used to position the baby after 3 or 4 kisses . The child is placed in the center and the sides support him. It is used both to lie down and to sit the baby as it grows.

Another alternative use is to relieve rest for pregnant women: the churro-shaped cushions can be placed behind the back and between the legs to sleep on the side , the position most recommended by doctors for the months of pregnancy. Thus, it helps to avoid pain and improve the quality of sleep.

How to choose a nursing pillow

To choose a nursing pillow , it is recommended that it be washable and that the fiber be soft but compact. The cover must be removable to be able to put it in the washing machine, as it tends to get stained frequently. It is also recommended that it be breathable, so that it does not provide heat or make you sweat during the summer months.

Its touch should be soft and pleasant.

The best fabric is undoubtedly cotton, an ideal fabric for baby's delicate skin. It is also recommended that it be antibacterial, that it repels water and liquids and that it has a wide and slightly inclined design so that the baby has better digestion and less gastrointestinal reflux.

Each woman is best suited for one type of cushion, although the churro-shaped ones are the most versatile. You can choose one of these for pregnancy and a C-shaped or O-shaped one for breastfeeding depending on your needs.

If you are pregnant, someone in your family is expecting a baby, or you have a friend who has just given birth, a nursing pillow is a fantastic gift that you can get a lot of use out of, and gain comfort and connection with your little one. Prioritizing quality is important, since it will have a long useful life, will be used in unlimited positions and will be useful for subsequent pregnancies and breastfeeding.


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