Escaping and sitting quietly on the beach: that's my idea of ​​paradise
Emilia Wickstead

With the arrival of spring, the days lengthen, increasingly warmer and brighter, and one of the quintessential plans to enjoy with the family, connect with nature and escape from everyday noise returns.

Surely your children dream all year long about returning to the sea, making castles in the sand or playing to jump the waves, and that is why today we bring you a post with all the essential things to take to the beach with children.

Our advice is to take a pen and paper and make a list the day before : by crossing out each object you will ensure that you have the complete pack of things for a perfect day at the beach , from the health aspect to the gastronomic aspect, the sports aspect or the recreational aspect.

7 things you should bring for a day at the beach with children

games to take to the beach

  • Sun cream : It is no coincidence that it is the first item on the list, since it is essential to protect the skin, especially that of the little ones. It is recommended that it be water resistant, with a high protection factor and apply it at least half an hour before arriving at the beach.
  • First aid kit : Especially if there are no lifeguards on the beach you go to, don't forget to prepare your silver first aid kit with the basics. Lucía My Pediatrician advises not to forget mosquito repellent, biodramine, creams for bites, analgesics and anti-inflammatories or antihistamines and an inhaler for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
  • Water and cool drinks : Hydration is especially important during the hottest days of the year, so having a canteen with fresh water, cold infusions or natural juices in a refrigerator will help children consume all the necessary liquid . To replenish electrolytes, don't forget about fruit as a complement.
  • Cap and sunglasses: Protection should not stop at sunscreen, but protecting your children's heads and eyes is essential. Especially during the hours of maximum radiation - midday - it is advisable to stay in the shade , to minimize the danger of sunstroke and heat stroke. If you want to eat on the beach, take an umbrella.
  • A delicious and healthy menu: Plan the menu well if you are going to enjoy a long day at the beach. You can prepare tabbouleh, pasta or rice salad, tortilla -well curdled if it is a hot day, due to the risk of food poisoning from the egg-, a delicious guacamole, fruit salad, homemade hummus, vegetable salpicón, olive sandwiches, and a long etcetera. You can get inspired by channels like Paulina Cocina or Platos Fáciles con Tamara .
  • Accessories for sports: The beach is an ideal paradise place for children to practice physical activity and receive its benefits, from good aerobic capacity to strengthening their bones and muscles, having a healthy heart or a better mood. Don't forget to pack your wetsuit, fins and diving goggles, rackets or paddles, a soccer ball, a net to play badminton or volleyball, or even a kite to fly.
  • Beach toys, the stars of the party : Playing on the beach is one of the best childhood memories, from the essentials such as the bucket and shovel to make castles in the sand to animals , rings , cubes or silicone rainbows to build a fantastic universe around you. Don't forget the deck of cards, or your favorite games, such as Virus, Sushi Go or Uno, ideal for a moment of rest on the towel.

Dive into the beach and pool section of our website and you will find everything from beach sets - consisting of a watering can, bucket, strainer, shovel and rake - to different glasses - with eyelashes , dinosaurs , hearts or sharks to give a special touch -, masks of varied water or the wide range of silicone toys.

Benefits of the sea on the health of your children

swim goggles

We do not say goodbye without first mentioning the numerous benefits that being near the sea has on your children's health : first of all, outdoor activity and blue spaces help release happiness hormones such as endorphins, prevent anxiety and depression and to strengthen ties with nature.

Furthermore, the beach belongs to the blue spaces, linked to greater calm, less anxiety and more creativity - according to a study by the Global Healing Center - and helps your children receive the recommended daily dose of vitamin D - young children, Older children and adolescents need 600 IU of vitamin D per day.

On the other hand, the beach is an excellent place for sensory stimulation. If you think about it, it encourages children to refine their 5 senses at the same time , as they touch and taste the sand, smell the sea, taste the salt, feel the sun, listen to the waves and ultimately, turn the visit into a beach visit. in a whole experience of perceptions.

In addition, salty sea water - rich in zinc, iodine, potassium and trace elements - is ideal for healing wounds, eliminating toxins and improving skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and other inflammatory diseases.

Breathing sea air cleans the newborn's respiratory tract, stimulates the immune system and guarantees better oxygenation of the blood. Bathing in the sea mitigates pain, works as a muscle relaxant and addresses insomnia problems, also improving the quality of sleep. Long live the beach!


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