The night of the Dead and the All Saints' Day are approaching, which in Spain takes place on November 1 and serves to commemorate, remember and pay tribute to loved ones who are no longer with us. In addition, Halloween night is celebrated on October 31, a holiday mainly imported from the United States and which is said to be influenced by Celtic harvest festivals, particularly the Gaelic festival of Samhain, with pagan roots.

If you have children, they are probably excited at the idea of ​​enjoying this spooky and spooky holiday where it is customary to trick or treat, hollow out and carve a pumpkin by hand to look like Jack O'Lantern, buy a good assortment of sweets and, above all, dressing and putting on makeup in a terrifying way emulating the most famous monsters, ghosts, spirits, villains, werewolves or vampires from horror literature and films.

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If you want to turn any boy or girl into a Mexican skull, into the coolest and scariest zombie at the party, into a fearsome devil, into a fun witch, into Frankenstein's monster himself, or into the Corpse Bride, you only need two things. : good makeup for children - face paints, body makeup and hair masks - and patience. The Internet can help you a lot!

These are some of the best Halloween makeup and costume ideas for kids. Remember that for costumes you can reuse different fabrics and materials: for example, you can make a witch or vampire cape with a garbage bag.

Halloween makeup ideas for kids

Ideas for Halloween

  • Count Dracula : This online tutorial available on YouTube teaches you how to turn any child into the most famous vampire of all time, Count Dracula. It is one of the simplest Halloween makeup, it does not require much time and will turn your fangs into the scariest at the party.

  • Frankenstein's monster : if you want to embark on a whole adventure, with this video you can learn children's makeup that will give you chills. That of the most famous monster in the history of literature, invented by Mary Shelley in her 1818 novel.

  • Cobweb : It is another of the easy makeup proposals for Halloween that is most successful among the little ones in the house. With tutorials like this you can learn to draw with facial paints some cobwebs around the eyes that also act as a mask with a spider in a 3D effect.

  • Pumpkin : If you want to transform the little ones into the scariest pumpkins , follow the instructions in this video step by step. The effect is fantastic but any beginner can achieve it. Trick or Treating?

  • Zombie : For the night of the living dead you can find a lot of face painting material that will allow you to transform any normal face into that of a terrifying zombie. You can opt for an easy zombie makeup like this one , or dare with a more complicated one like this one . Other videos, like this one , will help you recreate scars in an extremely realistic way.

  • Werewolf : If your child wants to howl at the moon and dodge silver bullets next Halloween, this fantastic tutorial will help you with a creative and amazing werewolf makeup proposal.

  • Mexican Catrina: For the Day of the Dead, one of the most popular face painting is the Mexican Catrina, originally called La Calavera Garbancera, and one of the symbols that most represents Mexico. You can learn to make it tricolor , shiny or as spectacular as this one .

  • Skeleton: It is another of the easiest options if you don't have much time for the Halloween costume, since you will only have to buy the skeleton costume and paint the face following these steps .

  • Monster: Another classic horror makeup is monster makeup, as effective as it is striking. Prepare lots of green paint and learn how to do it here !

  • Witch: Before getting on their broom or preparing the most spectacular potions and spells, witches must have their Halloween makeup prepared. Do it step by step following videos like this one .

In addition to the tutorials: experiment, try, invent, let yourself be inspired, look for the best accessories and above all, don't forget to have a blast!


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