A single acorn can create a thousand forests
Ralph Waldo
Children's minds are a tabula rasa eager to learn about the world around them.
To love the authentic home, which is none other than nature, learn to respect its value and also to become aware of climate change and the importance of taking care of the environment, children's books and movies are great tools at our disposal. Taking advantage of the fact that this week (June 5) World Environment Day was celebrated, we want to share these teaching materials with you and also invite you further to immerse yourself with your children in the magic of nature: hiking , excursions, mycological visits , collecting leaves and flowers, environmental volunteering or STEM toys such as the weather station - with which they can learn about recycling, detect meteorological changes, learn about aspects of the weather and do experiments simulating the greenhouse effect - will awaken their sensitivity to the environment. care of the planet.
And for the little while before bed, summer vacations, family Fridays or long rainy afternoons, these movies are ideal for learning more about global warming, biodiversity, environmental awareness or the value of flora and fauna. . Today we will focus on movies and another day, on books.

7 films about nature and the environment ideal to watch with children

Lion King

  • Bugs: This animated film addresses many interesting themes. It narrates the passage of the life of ants, the sense of time in the four seasons, the importance of tolerance and solidarity to live in community, acceptance and creativity, situations of slavery and oppression, the critical spirit and therefore Of course, all the adventures that happen under our feet, in just a few blades of grass.
  • Bambi: The film released in 1942 continues to retain its value in teaching the little ones the journey to maturity, how to face sadness, pain and loss, follow the advice of the wise owl and learn life lessons from their mother. It is also a powerful ecological plea against poaching, it teaches to value wildlife and awaken in children curiosity and respect for the natural world that surrounds them.
  • The Lion King: In addition to the unforgettable Hakuna Matata of Timon and Pumbaa, The Lion King contains great teachings about nature, family, memory and learning. Throughout Simba's odyssey, the little cub will grow into an adult, learn from pain and tragedy, fall in love, and discover that having a friend is a treasure. It is an ideal film for children to have their first contact with death and learn more about the cycle of life.
  • The Jungle Book: Millions of children sang that “look for the most vital thing.” This Disney classic, a timeless, exciting and inspiring story that teaches the little ones that we are a part of our planet, and not the owners of nature. It teaches the role that each species has in the life cycle, the happiness and fulfillment that nature provides and the importance of having faithful friends.
  • Flying Free: In this beautifully cinematographic film, Amy and her father live on a small farm in Canada. The girl discovers an abandoned geese nest in a nearby forest and helps them raise them and get them to fly. It is a beautiful fable to instill in children love, tenderness and respect for animals, as well as respect for life.
  • WALL-E: An award-winning Pixar animated film ideal for reflecting on the serious problems of pollution and climate change. Set in the year 2800, it presents the worst possible version of a devastated planet Earth, in which a small robot is in charge of cleaning up the trash. But they will meet an explorer robot called EVE that will change everything, as they will begin an exciting adventure throughout the galaxy. It is also a great story for children who love space odysseys and are curious about the cosmos. Its main lesson: by collaborating together, collapse can be avoided.
  • Brother Bear : A classic cartoon film that transmits values ​​of solidarity, respect and love for others. It is set in a distant time, when mammoths populated the American northwest. In this story, Kenai, a young Indian who blames a bear for his brother's death, will experience a process of spiritual transformation that will affect the little ones.
There are many more films that bring the little ones into contact with nature and instill environmental awareness in them: Lorax. In Search of the Lost Truffula, Bikes, Pocahontas, Finding Nemo, Invading Neighbors, Before, Stanley's Magical Garden, Ainbo, the Amazon Warrior, Tod and Toby, Princess Mononoke, Ice Age, and a long etcetera.


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