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Are you looking for the best educational toys to give as Christmas gifts to your children or other children in your family or group of friends? The first thing is to know what distinguishes this type of Christmas gifts from conventional toys: its large number of benefits, both physical, mental and emotional.

Among other advantages, educational toys encourage the stimulation of their senses , help them develop motor skills, encourage problem solving, promote social interaction, encourage creative thinking and help them communicate with others. They grease the wheels of their brain, get them to exercise more, and ignite their curiosity.

Therefore, each educational toy is a treasure, full of surprises and new challenges. There are them for all ages, from the first months of a baby who discovers his body, refines his hearing, teeth and begins to crawl to older children who already pedal, do scientific experiments, memorize dances or even program robots.

In addition, there is a great variety of categories among these educational gifts . They can focus on psychomotor skills, memory, emotional management, language or music, among others. Here we collect 7 examples of educational and musical toys that will become the best gifts for these holidays.

5 educational toys to give for Christmas

gifts for christmas kitchen

  • Magic Touch Musical Activity Table : A very special toy for children from 1 or 2 years old. Ideal for enhancing education and musical development, imagination, fine motor skills or sensory perception. They will be able to play more than 20 instruments with a single touch, combine them, play with sounds and LED lights, and be inspired to intuitively create their own rhythms. The Baby Einstein line combines cutting-edge technology with classic high-quality materials.
  • Mint play kitchen : Symbolic toys, also called role-playing or imitation toys, allow children to recreate real-life situations and emulate behaviors or routines from the adult world. Especially important in early childhood , they serve to refine your observation, develop language, fear greater autonomy and social skills or work on your fears. With this beautiful little wooden kitchen , boys and girls will be able to have fun among imaginary stoves and become little chefs. In addition, you can complete your gift with fun accessories such as vegetables and fruits to cut, the pastry kit or the toaster .
  • A gym for babies : If there is a new member of the family this Christmas, don't miss the opportunity to give them a baby gym . Baby gyms will provide hours of enjoyment, stimulate their touch, vision, hearing and improve their motor skills, fine-tuning their muscles, coordination and balance. You have two models to choose from , with colorful objects, teethers, mirrors or bells included so that it gains autonomy little by little. You can complete this fantastic toy with play blankets or activity cushions .
  • Board games for long winter afternoons : Board games guarantee hours and hours of fun for the whole family, ideal for cold and rainy afternoons in the warmth of the home. Give safe bets like The King of Dice , Secret Code, Mimic , Peas to Count or the mysterious and addictive What's Happening at the Golf Club? . Board games are key to intellectual development, memory, mental agility and verbal communication. If you want to enhance your logical thinking, try games like these exciting Logic Case , which you can select by age.
  • A robot to program : STEM games will delight older children, turning them into little scientists and getting them used to handling code or programming in Arduino from a very young age. Among the best toys for this Christmas, you can give an intelligent robotic crab , a solar panel robot , and even an exciting bubble robot . They teach them to think, they also engage their critical thinking and give them mathematical skills.

Don't miss the opportunity to give educational toys for this Christmas : they will become your best allies, your sources of exploration and knowledge, a tool to launch yourself into the world and, above all, the bridge to a universe of adventures, sensations, learning and wonder.

Don't forget that each child is different: another great option is toys focused on playing sports and being outdoors , such as bicycles, skates, or scooters as wonderful as these .


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