Summer's afternoon; For me these have always been the two most beautiful words in my language
Henry James

The long, bright days arrive, the flowers and stone fruit, the San Juan bonfires and the magic of the sunsets facing the sea, the smell of saltpeter and the holidays on the horizon...

If you have little ones at home, you are surely looking for free plans to do in spring-summer 2023 with children.

In the following list we propose from purely recreational ideas to more educational ones, contact with nature and love for the landscape, discovery of new skills or fits of laughter as a family.

And all this without spending money beyond the limited material they require or the snacks you have to take with you to your next adventure. We have divided the proposals for family plans for spring-summer into two sections: those that you can do by city and those that involve a trip to the outskirts. Follow them to enhance creativity, improve your physical and mental well-being, strengthen ties between you and burn unforgettable memories into your memory.

Free plans to do in your city with children in spring

plans for spring summer

  • Parks and gardens : Walk with your children through the parks and gardens of your city, collecting information about the species of trees and plants, collecting flowers to press and stopping to smell, photograph or draw all the gifts that nature offers.
  • Volunteering: It is important to educate children in the values ​​of inclusion, diversity, empathy and sensitivity towards others from a young age. Therefore, regularly participating in a volunteer activity that interests you is a great idea. From cleaning beaches of garbage to repopulating a burned area or collaborating with an animal shelter or a street cat colony. Ask them what they want to help with.
  • Secret corners of the city: All cities are full of small details, hidden corners and secret treasures, from the narrowest streets to hidden viewpoints, tunnels, graffiti and other examples of urban art, vestiges of other times, churches and chapels, statues , antique dealers, and much more. Find the best place for a sunset or make a list of curious buildings that you can see.
  • Gymkhana or creative escape room: You can go to a green space in your city or a swing park and set up your own treasure hunt, an escape room with tests or a gymkhana full of clues, challenges and riddles to solve. You can rely on websites like Dinamics or Eduma or social platforms like Pinterest . It includes riddles, hobbies and intellectual challenges as well as physical and sports tests that improve your balance, strength, dexterity or resistance.
  • Urban garden : You can apply for a place in an urban garden in your city - these initiatives have emerged in many cities in Spain - or set up your own garden on the roof, terrace, garden or even inside your house. Horticulture has been linked to benefits such as greater emotional well-being, the prevention of anxiety and depression, the development of cognitive functions or a stronger immune system . You can also go out for berries or learn how to compost at home.
  • Museums and other free cultural activities : Don't miss the cultural, artistic and recreational programming of your city. Find out more on the official websites of the town councils, subscribe to newsletters and ask questions. Many museums have hours and days of free admission, while you will also find workshops, storytelling, camps, concerts, plays and much more. In addition, summer is a good time to enjoy the popular festivals and festivals in the place where you live.

Free plans to do in your city with children in spring-summer

fun in summer

  • Flying a kite : Pleasant temperatures and light make spring and summer the ideal time to fly a kite as a family and for children to learn the art of this beautiful outdoor activity. If you dare, a first step is to do a crafts workshop at home and have them learn to build their own kite. You have many tutorials like this on the Internet.
  • Going family camping : Taking the tent, preparing a few containers of delicious food, telling scary stories around the light of a bonfire or observing the stars and learning about the constellations that surround our planet is a late spring plan or fantastic summer. Prepare sleeping bags, a flashlight, binoculars and all the desire in the world to have a great time.
  • Different sports : Take advantage of the spring and summer to do some new sports as a family, from cycling and rollerblading to climbing, kayaking, surfing, swimming and tennis. Don't forget other disciplines ideal for practicing outdoors, such as yoga, dance or body expression. During the hot months, the body asks for movement.
  • Excursion : If you want to escape the heat during the summer, the mountains and the forest promise freshness, adventure, an unparalleled landscape and movement for your muscles. Find the best hiking trails in your area, prepare snacks, a camera, a first aid kit, and comfortable shoes and clothing. When you reach the top you will feel that you have fulfilled a common purpose together. You can also look for hiking associations to join, where you can meet new people and learn more about the heritage value, the landscape or the biodiversity of your environment.
  • Nature shows : A short getaway is ideal to contemplate the cherry or almond trees in bloom in spring, enjoy the San Juan bonfires in June, go to an enchanted forest, visit a beach at sunset... any excuse is good to Let yourself be carried away by the magic of being alive and together and explore the world around you with the most curious little people: the little ones.
As William Carlos Williams says, "In summer, the song sings to itself." Let yourself be carried away by it.


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