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Balance beam


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Diversify playtime with an activity toy that provides fun, stimulates physical development and increases your little one's confidence .

Benefits of this perfect accessory :

  • Balance favors your child's posture, develops balance and coordination, and massages the feet.
  • The different surfaces massage the child's feet.
  • The product can be used by several children at the same time, thus improving the child's social skills and teaching the art of sharing and helping each other.
  • The balance beam is an activity toy that stimulates a child's desire to move and be active, while providing a workout for their muscles.
  • Let children learn by playing! Let them feel the sense of accomplishment when they reach the end of the journey!
  • Its minimalist design allows it to adapt to any interior space.
  • The bar is sturdy, but light enough for children to move and change position and shape on their own.
  • Thanks to the innovative design of connecting platforms , these balance bar sets can be combined and upgraded interchangeably.
  • The route can be drawn in the shape of a triangle, zigzag and many other shapes.

From 1 yearpsychomotor development

The Details

  • Weight:

    4.3 kg

  • Material:

    Birch plywood (thickness: 27 mm) Made of quality plywood and coated with UV water-based paint, which is safe for children.

  • Dimensions:

    60cm x 25cm x 6cm

  • In Stock:


Balance beam

For inside use only.

Suitable for children who have started to walk.

The balance beam can be easily disassembled for easy storage.

White color.

Measurements: 3 bars. Length of each bar: 58 cm.

The set includes:

* 1 segment with horizontally slotted lines on one side.
* 1 segment with a braided cord around both sides.
* 1 segment with points on one side.

This activity toy (climbing triangles) is tested and certified according to the internationally accepted harmonized European Union standards on toy safety (directive 2009/48/EC):

to. EN 71-1 Mechanical and physical properties
b. EN 71-2 Flammability
c. EN 71-8 Activity toys for home use
d. EN 71-3 Migration of certain elements
and. EN 71-9 Safety of toys. Organic chemical compounds

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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