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Pink Balance Bike


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2-stage balance bike that allows children to practice on a stable double-width wheel before switching to a standard wheel as they gain confidence.

In the meantime, this pink balance bike is a great way to give them their first taste of freedom .

The innovative double rear wheel gives the balance bike more stability.

Children learn to balance on 2 wheels, more quickly and independently.

Handle for small hands. Adjustable seat and handlebars. Durable puncture-proof rubber wheels.

The concept of these bicycles is the opposite of the traditional one. It is not necessary to pedal to acquire balance, and if we first get the little ones to maintain balance in a progressive and self-controlled way, the learning process to ride a bike will be much easier .

From 1 year psychomotor development

The Details

  • Weight:

    4.5 kg

  • Material:

    Solid rubber wheels.

  • Dimensions:

    63cm x 25cm x 15cm

  • In Stock:


Pink Balance Bike

The most significant advantages of this type of bicycle are:

* They Enhance Balance: with this type of bicycles, balance is acquired naturally and progressively. They do not imply any type of risk, despite the use of a helmet being important, since it is the child himself who controls his/her movements and, thus, acquires the necessary safety.

* They work on Coordination: coordination of movements, orientation and autonomy are three fundamental aspects for child development.

* Develop Strength: the muscles of the arms and legs are involved in the exercise of riding a bicycle.

* They reinforce self-esteem and security: progressive progress makes the little ones gain self-confidence and are prepared for the next level.


Minimum seat height: 28 cm.
Maximum seat height: 36 cm.
Maximum weight supported: 20 kg.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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