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Silicone Rainbow


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This rainbow includes six multicolored pieces.

Have you ever thought about a toy that grows and evolves with your baby?

Dëna has made it possible by reinventing the wonderful Waldorf Rainbow . Thanks to its design and its 100% safe silicone material, your little one can use it from a very young age (+0 m), adapting it to their evolutionary stage and their needs from a teether to a mold for the oven.

We only see a rainbow, but boys and girls find in it infinite possibilities for play and learning.

The ideal toy at all stages of the child

The design of dëna toys is designed to amuse and entertain, encourage imagination and creativity, and at the same time contribute to the child's development in the psychomotor field.

The safety of dëna toys facilitates free play by the child.
Freedom in the way younger children play and express themselves is vital for their future development.

from 3 months oral-dental care psychomotor development

    The Details

    • Weight:

      0.5 kg

    • Material:

      Made 100% with platinum silicone, a soft, resistant, practical and safe material. No BPA, PVC or phthalates.

    • Dimensions:

      13cm x 8cm x 5cm

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    Silicone Rainbow

    Pedagogical Tip🌈:

    This silicone rainbow is included among the Waldorf pedagogy toys.

    These materials are specially designed to promote the development and skills of girls and boys through manipulative and sensory play.

    Specifically, they encourage the creativity and imagination of the little ones.

    For this reason, Waldorf toys can be used in a multitude of activities.

    Its objective is for the little ones to learn through experimentation and through activities based on art, music or crafts, so that they have a happy childhood full of hours of quality play and enjoy each stage with the activities that their ages require.

    In their pursuit of free and creative play, Waldorf toys tend to be as simple as possible.

    In them we will not find lights that turn on and off, nor strident sounds, since they aim to give prominence to spontaneous play, which, like other alternative pedagogies (such as Montessori), grants toys the qualification of educational play materials, a concept very in tune with Cucamenta.

    These are not mere objects of fun, but practical tools for learning and educational resources.

    To do this, toys are designed following a basic criterion: the observation of play during childhood and the different stages of growth and development of children, so that the play materials respond to the different physical needs. cognitive in each evolutionary phase.

    It is an open and versatile toy that offers a thousand symbolic and construction play options.

    Its curved pieces can be stacked, nested and suggest all kinds of compositions and elements.

    In short: it offers infinite possibilities for creative play: it is a puzzle, a stackable one, an nestable one, a construction game, a set of loose pieces for creating scenarios and mini-worlds, etc...

    * Dishwasher safe 🍽
    * Suitable for the oven 👩🏻‍🍳
    * Suitable for the freezer ❄️

    Free Shipping From 80€
    Returns Up to 30 days
    Payment Secure