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I learn to count


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This is an educational game to learn counting and become a math whiz while having fun!

With 12 models and 14 graduated bars of different colors and sizes, the child will be able to play in 2 different ways.

Beginners: placing the bars in the correct place on the board to count to 5 or to visualize the different ways of counting following the model.

The experienced: performing the first sums outside the board following the model. How much is an orange bar + a red bar? Answer: a green bar.

With its intelligent design, the platform has non-slip silicone feet for greater stability.

The game "I learn to count" develops: discover and experiment and learn to count.

This type of game captures the attention of the children and entertains them, but they also learn while playing in a group or individually.

They enhance the development of numerical and spatial intelligence , both important in the intellectual development of minors.

to. from 2 years intellectual development

The Details

  • Weight:

    1.0 kg

  • Material:

    Wood (beech and plywood), silicone. Pieces painted with water-based paint.

  • Dimensions:

    26cm x 20cm x 6cm

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I learn to count

At a pedagogical level, any learning should be based on four key points:

* Adaptation to the rhythm of each child. Time must be given for children to learn to think, to have judgment, to discover their abilities and to have self-confidence.

* Autonomy. It is very important that from a very young age we give them space to self-manage, to learn from their environment and thus develop comprehensively. Children learn, let's let them do it in a meaningful way by accompanying them in the process, without directing them.

* Discovery. It is essential to have the curiosity to learn, and that is achieved by giving the option to discover new things. It is at that moment that it makes sense to start the learning process, as soon as the children have become interested in discovering something.

* Autocorrect. Once we put all of the above into practice, we can make mistakes. Brilliant! It's what we need to move forward and improve. The activities and toys that allow you to check their correct execution are fantastic. Children can self-correct and learn effectively.

And logical mathematical learning with even more reason. We must encourage a taste for this abstract knowledge that is so necessary in our daily lives, and, as always, playing is the best option.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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