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Solar System Model


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This Planetarium is a model of the Solar System . Build and play!

You can observe how the planets move around the sun , powered by solar energy or batteries.

You can also take the opportunity to learn the names of the planets and their order while the solar system is being built.

A fabulous educational toy to improve children's development, hand-eye coordination, logical thinking skills, creativity, memory retention and construction skills.

This Solar System Model teaches young engineers to use the principles of physics to build their own devices that really work.

Build children's confidence in their new knowledge of STEAM principles when they show off their creations.

Children feel a real sense of accomplishment after building it and seeing it work. They will learn valuable lessons about space and our solar system in a fun and interactive activity.

Most children are fascinated with space! Space and our solar system are often an area of ​​intense interest for children and studies have shown that this is particularly beneficial for cognitive development and gives them a huge confidence boost.

> Operation: can be powered by solar energy or 1 AAA battery (included🔋).

from 5 yearsintellectual development

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Solar System Model


These types of toys are part of an innovative educational approach, which responds to the acronym STEAM. These acronyms refer to the areas "Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics".

This approach seeks to break down the barriers that have been imposed by traditional education, emphasizing the pillars of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Let's see why it is so beneficial regarding the pedagogical framework:

* Encourages and encourages a form of analytical and scientific thinking for decision making. This is extremely beneficial when facing everyday situations.
* Thanks to integrated education, children are allowed to have a series of technological knowledge, which will be applicable to any situation that may arise in the future in any work environment.
* STEAM education gives you a more pragmatic vision in different areas of knowledge. This ensures a broad degree of participation in any type of project or area of ​​specialization.
* This methodology has come to develop the capacity for comprehensive problem resolution. While it also deepens the possibilities of innovation tools and critical and creative thinking.

In the following video (in English), you can see a comparison between traditional education and STEAM education, where everything is connected and takes on a global meaning:

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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