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Magic Facial Makeup


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Magic face makeup

Set of 6 children's makeup pencils for face and body!

This magical facial makeup set for boys and girls includes pencils in 6 different colors: lilac, pink, turquoise, fuchsia, gold and silver.

Its lines are fine and the color on the skin is intense . It is also very ergonomic and allows you to draw with precision. The best of all is that it is an organic product, made from natural and organic ingredients, without added toxins.

Thanks to the variety of colors you can create very complete and fun designs. It is ideal for costume parties or Carnival, for children's centers with many children and even for playing at home with the family.

You can paint the face for an imitation game or make drawings on hands, legs, arms... for example flowers, rainbows, moles... or recreate stripes or spots as if you were an animal. The options are endless!

At Cucamenta we also have Rainbow Facial Makeup , with the same characteristics, but with different colors.

We chose this children's makeup because, like other Namaki products, it is made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, respecting both the environment and the skin on which the product is used.

We believe that it is a pencil that offers many possibilities and opens many doors to creativity and fun.

Creative Tip 👻:

  • Before applying makeup we must apply a layer of facial moisturizer, and do the same after removing makeup.
  • You have to start using makeup little by little , first testing its reaction on your forearm. When we have seen that there is no reaction, we will progressively increase the areas to be makeup and incorporate new products, always under supervision.
  • Pay special attention when applying eye makeup, avoiding painting the line of the lower eyelid and making sure that makeup does not get inside.
  • Once the face has been made up, we must be attentive to any alarming signs that may appear on the skin, in which case we will suspend its use immediately.
  • When the game or activity is over, it is important to remove the makeup completely with the help of water and neutral soap, or a hypoallergenic makeup remover milk suitable for children. Under no circumstances should we put the child to bed with makeup on his face.

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    0.25 kg

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    13cm x 8cm x 2cm

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Magic Facial Makeup

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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