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Pikler Convertible Triangle with Ramp


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Pikler Convertible Triangle with Ramp

Develop your child's creativity, agility and mobility with the unique play space based on Emmi Pikler's pedagogy.

MOPITRI will never go out of style and can be transformed into many shapes to give your child years of fun.

Most children have a strong desire to climb anywhere: chairs, the table, the sofa, the kitchen cabinet... And it can be dangerous!

Offer them a safe alternative: the Pikler convertible triangle with ramp, Mopitri!

Allow your child to practice physical activities while developing their decision-making skills. Each climb is an exercise and a puzzle at the same time.

Mopitri makes climbing activity safe and very entertaining for your child.

Benefits of this perfect accessory 👶🏼 :
  • Safety: main objective in manufacturing.
  • Curiosity: discovering new ways of climbing and different ways of playing every day.
  • Creativity: each climb is a different adventure.
  • Social sharing: The triangle can be shared with other children at the same time.
  • Fun: Discovering the slide will bring a lot of joy.
  • Gross motor skills: the child develops strength and mobility in the arms, legs, back and muscles.
  • Independence: Your child will begin to play more and more without your participation.
  • Natural and plastic-free: birch plywood with child-safe varnish, metal rod and fasteners, and no plastics in the packaging.
Pedagogical aspects 👩🏻‍🎓:

Freedom of movement is very important in the healthy and natural development of the child. The child's physical development should not be rushed.

To promote healthy joints, muscles, and bones, your child must learn all mobility skills on his or her own.

Your child will know for himself when he is ready to do more advanced activities and movements.

Provide him with a safe and inspiring environment and watch him become more agile every day.

The ability to climb plays an important role in a child's motor skills and balance, so he or she naturally tends to climb everywhere. Literally everywhere.

The parent's role here is to provide a safe way for the child to work on their climbing skills and this is where the climbing triangle comes into play.

Change the shape of the climbing triangle each day (lower or more pointed triangle, house-shaped or flat, or perhaps two small triangles) and adapt the climbing challenges to your child's stage of development and abilities.

Add the sliding ramp for even more fun and variety.

Wood colour .
Measures :

The width of the triangle is 82.5 cm (32 1/2 inches).
Each segment is 37.3 cm (14 3/4 inches) long. The dimensions of the triangle depend on the position.
The tallest triangle is 60 cm (23 3/5 inches) high.

Triangle ramp sizes: 40 x 117 cm (15 3/4 x 46 inches), width and length.

Material: birch plywood (ramp and side slats: varnished), birch ribs (untreated).
Treatment: water-based UV varnish.

Activity toys (climbing triangles) are tested and certified according to the internationally accepted harmonized European Union standards on toy safety (directive 2009/48/EC).

to. EN 71-1 Mechanical and physical properties

b. EN 71-2 Flammability

c. EN 71-8 Activity toys for home use

d. EN 71-3 Migration of certain elements

and. EN 71-9 Safety of toys. Organic chemical compounds

The Details

  • Weight:

    6.7 kg

  • Dimensions:

    117cm x 83cm x 10cm

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Pikler Convertible Triangle with Ramp

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