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Sailor Doudou


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Night and day around the bay.

Your little one will have this comforting fabric hug from the playpen to the crib.

Printed with our Sailor motif, it features a variety of fun features for babies to explore.

It features easy-to-grip knots , several tags that stimulate the senses, and a cotton ring to easily attach a pacifier or teething ring.

The super soft seagull adds a touch of playful appearance.

The pampering cloth calms and helps the little one fall asleep.

from 0 monthsEmotional development

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    16cm x 23cm x 4cm

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Sailor Doudou

Doudou are very special for our little ones because they usually have a lot of love and attachment towards them.

In fact, the most common thing is that children end up creating an emotional bond with their doudou.

This link is not accidental, children use the doudou to calm down when they are anxious, to sleep, to calm down and it helps them to know that they have an object nearby that they recognize and makes them feel safe.

The main function of the doudou is to calm the baby, mainly before going to sleep.

This sleeping doll helps you fall asleep and that is why moms and dads should have one among their essentials.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure