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Neon Blue Skates 34 - 37


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The 2-in-1 neon combo skates are perfect for adventurous beginners.

Our four-wheeled inline and quad skates will allow you to impress your friends and show off your skating skills.

The neon combo skates give you hours of fun and shine wherever you go with the light up wheels!

With an adjustable size, you can change the size of these skates to ensure your child wears them as much as possible.

Simply move the inner toe back and forth on the boot to increase or decrease the size as needed.

Our innovative skates use PU wheels to give you better performance.

We chose polyurethane because it not only gives you greater longevity, but it also helps reduce noise, protect floors, and improve shock absorption.

Adjustable buckles allow you to adjust the fit of the boot to your foot.

Skates should fit snugly for safety and control, without being so tight that they are uncomfortable.

To ensure comfort and support during use, our Neon Combo Skates come with a comfortable liner built into the inner boot.

For inline mode, our skates come with a heel brake. This brake is attached to the heel of the boot and allows the skater to stop by lifting their toes.

Doing so will force the brake into the ground, and is by far the easiest and safest way to stop while using your inline skate.

While using the quad skate mode, you will brake with the toe, the stopper is attached to the front of the boot, and this allows the skater to brake by lifting the heel and forcing the toe into the ground.

Measurements: From size 34 to size 37

from 5 yearspsychomotor development

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  • Weight:

    3.5 kg

  • Dimensions:

    45cm x 40cm x 12cm

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Neon Blue Skates 34 - 37


Skating is a sport that requires a perfect combination between mind and body and at the same time a high sensory-motor coordination that engages, develops and sharpens the sense of balance and space management.

Skating is based on these three bases:

- BALANCE: Sharpens body awareness and sense of balance.
- FLEXIBILITY: Develop a receptive and flexible body.
- COORDINATION: Improves the connection between body, mind and space.

It contributes to improving physical condition by increasing aerobic resistance, activating blood circulation, strengthening legs, lungs and heart.

It also contributes to developing balance, concentration and coordination, providing notable improvements in children with small motor difficulties.

Working on balance also improves the child's hearing ability and, consequently, the child's communication and oral expression.

Skating works under the concepts of attention, discipline, work, and self-improvement, thus promoting children's self-confidence and self-assurance.

Skating is an integrative sport. Every child can do it once they learn to walk with stability (approximately from 3 years of age).

In this way, skating, as we have mentioned, integrates all children, promoting acceptance of the differences between them, help, mutual support, camaraderie and teamwork.
<p> It also favors the social insertion of those children with difficulties in socialization.</p>

Free Shipping From 80€
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