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Multiple Siblings

Once again, in Cucamenta we do not want to forget the “repes” brothers. It is always a shock to come to terms with the idea of ​​being a dad and/or mom twice or triple or… uuufff!!!! 🤩, in one go.

Although it is a unique experience, it requires a lot of effort on all levels. So we also want to collaborate in learning the “repes”.


To benefit from this 5% discount on all your purchases, you have to register in our club and then register as parents of multiple “repes” siblings, attaching a document that proves it.

Once we receive your documentation we will send you an email with your discount code for life.

1. Registration in our Cucaclub:

If you are not yet registered with our Cucalub, this is the time to do so.

If you are already registered, simply go to the next step.

2. Registration as a Family with Multiple Siblings or "repes":

Now, from the email you used to subscribe, send us a document so that we can see your reps, to the following email:


We will respond to you with your CODE FOREVER.

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