Lord, bless this microwaved macaroni and cheese and those who have sold it… Amen!
Home alone

At Christmas you have many more recipes to teach your children than those classic macaroni that Kevin McCallister tasted great in Home Alone, one of the most watched Christmas movies in history.

Whatever the age of your children, they can help you out as helpers or even make their debut as chefs this Christmas by preparing typical Christmas pastries, a filled savory cake, a puff pastry braid or some delicious starter that adds color, joy and humor to the meal. table.

By cooking as a family, children learn to participate in household chores, abandon a sedentary lifestyle, learn about nutrition, work on healthy stimulation of their senses and work on numerous practical skills that will be very useful in the future.

Without going any further, cooking enhances your creativity, manual dexterity, memory, mathematics - especially when cooking desserts, since the exact combination of ingredients requires mastery of arithmetic -, decision making, work teamwork and camaraderie .

Eating recipes that they have prepared themselves also promotes good self-esteem and self-confidence. It is important to assign children the most appropriate kitchen tasks according to their age, explaining correctly how to perform each task safely.

A good idea beforehand is to have children's recipe books on hand, keep dangerous objects such as the mixer or knives away, teach them to recycle and that the first forays are simple jobs, such as washing vegetables, transferring elements to containers, throwing away the garbage or stirring. Mix with a spoon.

From approximately 5 years old, children are already able to mash food with a fork, cut things with a dull knife, beat a sauce with a hand mixer or even measure ingredients.

Between 6 and 8 years old they can pick up and clean utensils, wash dishes, knead dough, grate cheese or crack an egg. From 9 years old they can try to follow the instructions of a recipe, operate basic appliances with supervision, bake or clean.

If you encourage them in their culinary advances, when they reach adolescence they will be able to create advanced dishes, decorate food and even plan their own menus. Christmas is an ideal time to start.

If you don't know where to do it, there are some YouTube channels with top quality material and simple and fun Christmas recipes to prepare with children.

7 inspiring YouTube channels for Christmas recipes with children

cooking with kids at christmas

  • Kiwilimón : On this YouTube channel you will find economical, sweet, salty, original and daring Christmas recipes of all kinds. You can prepare many of them with your children, from these exquisite butter cookies to their compilation of children's Christmas dishes such as sandwich Christmas trees or their Biscayan-style tuna empanada with a very special decoration.
  • Paulina Cocina : Get inspired by classic Christmas recipes to make with children, from Italian panettone a la lengua to Christmas vinaigrette or broth. The most famous Argentine cook on YouTube has more children's recipes, such as pan-seared pizza or a dulce de leche cake.
  • Children's guide: In this complete and educational YouTube channel you can learn children's songs and stories, parenting tricks or health tips during pregnancy. In this video you can learn how to prepare canapés with your children in the shape of decorated balls, Christmas logs or the classic Three Kings roscón.
  • Hungry Panda : It is a channel full of good ideas for dishes, starters and desserts to make with your children, like this video with ideas for making a special dessert advent calendar, which includes everything from Christmas truffles to marshmallow bunnies or a meringue doll. of snow.
  • Messy Hands - Kids Cooking : This great and fun channel in English will feature series like I Can Cook , a program with tons of positive energy and full of cooking tips and tricks to share with your children. If you are looking for a creative source where children prepare the recipes themselves, this will be your favorite channel.
  • Tasty : On this Buzzfeed YouTube channel, with 21 million subscribers behind it, you will find great cooking suggestions with great visual magnetism that you can take advantage of for Christmas. An example is this video , where you can find everything from fried vegetable rice to original pizzas, zucchini noodles or battered avocado.
  • Ideas in five minutes : Thanks to this video you can learn how to prepare 24 perfect sweets, from chocolate-covered reindeer to snowman-shaped cookies or Santa Claus muffins.

“When my mother gave us bread, she spread love,” chef Joël Robuchon once said, named Chef of the Century in 1990, Chef of the Century and the only chef in the world who has currently managed to earn 28 Michelin stars.

Cooking these Christmas recipes with children will help you spread love in abundance and have a time of tenderness and endless fun in a festival of flavors.


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