"Play is the child's work"
Maria Montessori

If you have a new child in the family, you are probably looking for the best Christmas gifts for babies.

Do you want to escape the classic pacifier holder or other pajamas and delve into the field of educational and specialized toys ?

At Cucamenta we are clear about the importance of providing children with the best material adapted to their age from the moment of their birth: games and accessories are essential during the first months of life to awaken their sensory stimulation , promote their physical and social development. and intellectual and generate ties with the family or environment.

Our main purpose is to select for you which are the best baby toys to enhance their discovery, strengthen their motor skills, activate their senses or help them start crawling, walking, palpating, grasping, laughing, differentiating colors or responding to the magic of music.

Each of these proposals is special and different, and will help that little person open up to the world.

5 toys to give for Christmas to babies under one year old

The ideal is to look for baby toys that meet all the safety criteria and that allow, through play, to encourage their development at all levels. The following proposals will help your little one move, learn, acquire new skills and have a great time discovering all the new things around them.
  • Gyms for babies: Baby gyms are entertainment centers specially designed for stimulation and that through games, bright colors and music potential exploration, concentration or motor skills. They help stimulate movement and become aware of your own body. In Cucamenta we have the sailor baby gym and the butterfly and flower baby gym.
  • Play blankets: Not only are they beautiful and brighten up their room, but play blankets for babies provide them with numerous benefits such as stimulating creativity and physical exercise, discovering sounds and colors, calming and relaxing in the face of irritation, improving crawling, stability and balance or greater body autonomy, Try the sailor play blanket or the butterflies and flowers play blanket.
  • Activity cushions: These baby toys are essential interactive elements for their cognitive, physical and emotional development. They can be used throughout the months, since their colors and textures stimulate the child on a visual, auditory and tactile level, while later they allow them to develop their executive functions, play or learn concepts. You can also have the sailor cushion and the butterfly and flower cushion.
  • Teethers and rattles : Teethers are ideal for relieving discomfort, itching, inflammation or anxiety that appear with the first signs of teething, usually between 4 and 7 months of age. For their part, rattles are essential baby toys that contribute to learning through perception, discrimination of sensations, optimizing grasping capacity and working on hand-eye coordination, as well as fine motor skills. Here you can find a wide assortment.
  • Stuffed Animals : An inseparable stuffed animal will be the best companion for your crib. Make sure that it meets the safety parameters and does not have hard elements or small pieces that can be bitten and choked. It is also important that it be hypoallergenic, small in size and fairly light so as not to frighten, suffocate or overwhelm the baby. It is important that it be fluffy, soft and also resistant. The best materials are organic.
There are many more Christmas gift ideas for babies at your disposal: mobiles for the crib, waterproof books, toys for the bathtub, rubber cubes for stacking, balls or stories with textures will also be a great success to celebrate that baby's first Christmas so special. You only have a few months once. Make them enjoy them like never before!


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