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The long-awaited holidays are approaching, and if you don't have ideas to spend this Easter with children , we come to your rescue.

These approximately 10 days of absence from classes go a long way: from cultivating fun family habits such as gardening, hiking and cooking to a film series based on a theme proposed by the little ones, through numerous activities with educational toys for degrease the mind and train skills such as creativity, logic, spatial vision or fine motor skills in the case of the little ones.

Surely you, daddy or mommy, are aware - like so many other Spaniards - of the weather forecast for Easter. Will it rain or be sunny? Warm or cool? Urban plan or mountain excursion? Beach or movie with a blanket? Don't worry: we anticipate this and give you 4 ideas for activities in the sun and 4 ideas for activities in the rain for this Easter with children.

4 activities to do with children if it's sunny at Easter

pool goggles

  • Dream first day at the beach : Even if the temperature is cool, you can enjoy a great day at the beach. Prepare towels, sunscreen, a deck of cards, a delicious picnic full of fresh food (the more colors the better), a bucket and shovel to build castles, goggles and a diving mask in case you dare to take a dip, and get excited!
  • Balance and climbing games : The cool, long and bright days of these spring holidays lend themselves to experimenting in the garden or on the terrace with balance, climbing and agility. To do this, children can enjoy the help provided by the curved balance board , the convertible Piker triangle with ramp , the climbing cube or the balance beam.
  • Adventures on wheels by bicycle or skates : After the dark, short, cold and rainy days of winter, the light and pleasant temperatures are ideal for practicing physical activity outside, from excursions to the mountains to small hiking routes or your first first steps on the bike and skates. If they haven't learned yet, try the Twist skates - available in pink or blue -, the balance bikes for the little ones or our innovative scooters .
  • Nature and learning: You can take your analog or digital camera and go take photographs of nature, walk through a Nature Reserve in your area, download an app to identify mushrooms, plants or animals, collaborate with a sanctuary or shelter, take a route of smells, teach them to identify birds and trees, start a garden activity in the garden or explore the greenest corners of your city. And if you like Holy Week, it is always a good time to learn about the folklore and curiosities behind the processions.

4 activities to do with children if it rains at Easter

Crafts at home

  • It has been said to cook : Easter is an ideal time to prepare exquisite family dishes and for your children to learn basic cooking concepts, taking their first steps as a scullion. Get excited about baking, snacking, a good homemade pizza, a Mexican evening, sushi for beginners or any of the YouTube channels with recipes that we propose in this post .
  • Afternoon of board games : Rainy afternoons are ideal for taking out chess and checkers, Tantrix , Uno, a homemade Escape Room, Dixit, Mikado, goose, Parcheesi and countless other alternatives. In addition, they will help stimulate your mind, your concentration, your reasoning, your divergent thinking and your mathematical and analytical abilities.
  • Scientific experiments and weather prediction : Do you want the little ones to become scientists capable of programming a robot or setting up their own weather station to know what the weather will be like for the rest of Holy Week? At Cucamenta we have a lot of STEM toys at your disposal, such as the magnetic science set .
  • Crafts everywhere : You can try to build images with pixels , paint with your fingers, make plasticine, model clay, dry the flowers and leaves from your excursion, prepare jewelry with beads, recycle products to give them a second life, try to restore a piece of furniture, start composting, make puzzles , try a little DIY or dare with origami. In this post you will find some craft ideas to do with children at Easter.
From Cucamenta we wish you a happy holiday! Remember that by pulling on any thread, object or situation, fun is possible.


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