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One of the essential items needed when a new member arrives in the family is a baby bathtub . It is neither recommended nor safe to bathe the newborn in the conventional bathtub or even in the shower tray, since the child needs a bathtub adapted to his small size and delicate physiognomy. Many of them incorporate a tray with an anatomical shape adapted to the baby's body.

From 6 months onwards, babies begin to sit up and can move to a conventional bathtub before starting to crawl, although depending on their dimensions , many bathtubs will allow older babies to be bathed and kept under control until older ages, or even up to 24 months. months of age.

Consumer recommends placing the small bathtub inside the large one as a transitional object to provide security and serenity to the little one. There are also other options, such as bath seats - which are fixed to the floor with suction cups - or bath hammocks . Don't forget the bath toys ! These will help with sensory stimulation , exploration of the environment, fun and relaxation.

There are different formats of baby bathtubs , from folding ones to changing bathtubs, which can be kept in the room. It is important, therefore, to know what requirements the baby bathtub must meet and what your needs or the characteristics of your home are before investigating the most popular models on the market and choosing the ideal bathtub for you.

Requirements that the baby bathtub must meet

You must ensure that the baby bathtub meets the following requirements :

  • Safety and stability : It is the most important feature that a baby bathtub should have. It must have an ergonomic design, a non-slip base so that the child does not slip on flat surfaces, rounded edges to avoid injuries - avoid those that are rough and straight - and a shape that allows the baby to remain seated or semi-lying, reducing the risk. that the water covers his head.
  • Resistant and high-quality materials : make sure that the bathtub is made of a non-toxic material and that it meets all safety standards , since the baby has very sensitive skin. It should also be easy to clean and disinfect after each bath. It is better that the plastic is thick to support the weight of the baby.
  • Proper size : the size should allow for comfort and for the baby to be partially submerged , but it will vary depending on how long you want to use it or the space you have at home. Experts recommend evolutionary buckets to be able to use them for longer.
  • Bathtub Compatibility : Should fit the dimensions of your bathtub.
  • Portability : The handles or foldable or inflatable design are very useful for families who move a lot or who do not have much storage space.

Another extra point in favor is that baby bathtubs have useful accessories , such as a support for the baby's head or an integrated thermometer to control the water temperature.

Types of baby bathtub

Fundamentally, there are four types of baby bathtubs . Discover which one best suits your needs:

  • Changing bathtub: they are the most popular, practical and functional of all baby bathtubs, and also the most comfortable for moms and dads, since they leave the bathtub at the height of adults, avoiding back pain from having to bend over . They are placed on a metal structure and have multipurpose trays to put the baby's toiletries. Some even incorporate a chest of drawers whose design can match the decoration of the room. Others have wheels for movement.
  • Bucket bathtub : the main advantage of this bathtub is its ergonomic and anatomical design , which allows the safety and relaxation of the baby, guaranteeing maximum adaptability. They are ideal for small houses where there is not much space. Some include a metal support. In addition, they are easy to fold and store inside the bathtub itself.
  • Travel bathtubs: travel or folding bathtubs are easy to transport, have a very light character and take up little space, which makes them the best companions for travel and adventures. In addition to their portability and comfort, they have a long useful life during the first years of your baby's life. There are also inflatable ones.
  • Cube bathtubs : ideal for premature babies, newborns or babies with colic, they reproduce the shape of the mother's uterus and keep the water warmer for longer, avoiding the pain caused by colic.

Now, and with all the information on the table, you can choose the best bathtub for your baby.


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