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This first Sunday in May is celebrated as Mother's Day 2024 , and there are many nice gifts that the little ones in the house can give to their moms. There is no need to spend money, since it is possible to resort to crafts, recycle everyday objects, improvise between the stove or make a special and different plan to do as a family.

Below, you will find a handful of good ideas: the most important thing is to think about which one will make your mother the most excited. Other family members can participate in the decision or help prepare the gift.

8 original gifts that children can give for Mother's Day

Gifts for Mother's Day 2024
  • A gourmet breakfast : making an original breakfast and serving it in bed can bring great joy to a mother, who is used to being busy. On YouTube you will find many ideas for gourmet breakfasts, from poached eggs - also called poached or Benedict -, healthy and original sandwiches - like these avocado and cilantro with ricotta, chickpea or chicken salad - or a homemade sweet like a sponge cake. carrot.
  • A tribute video : using new technologies, boys and girls can record a nice video for Mother's Day on behalf of all their siblings, edit it with one of their favorite songs and project it or put it on television that day. On online platforms like Canva or FlexClip you can find different customizable templates.
  • Route in nature : what does mom like to do most? Go out to see and listen to birds in spring, collect mushrooms or go hiking in the mountains? You can take advantage of this Sunday to visit an unknown landscape, go to your favorite mountain, fly a kite or take photographs, and enjoy the magic and benefits of contact with nature.
  • A manual or artistic gift: enhances the talent, creativity and unlimited imagination of the little ones by urging them to make a manual or artistic gift for Mother's Day , whether it is a sculpture, a drawing, a poem, a recipe, a photo, a painting, a story, a basket, an embroidery, a jewel or a piece of ceramic or clay. The options are endless and there is a lot of material on the Internet to inspire you, especially on social networks like Pinterest .
  • A photo album : with the help of adults, children can select photos of mom with her loved ones, divide them by theme - or order them chronologically, among many other options - and make a personalized album that includes labels, vignettes and phrases. You can do it completely analog or opt for ordering the physical album on digital platforms such as Hoffman, Cheerz or MyPoster.
  • Handmade card or postcard : it will give an incredible illusion and allows a wide range of possibilities, since the child can make this gift for Mother's Day in collage format, with photos, with crayons, oil, watercolor or marker, in pop-up format, with sequins, alternating textures, with recycled materials and a long etcetera. You can get inspired with videos like this one.
  • Game afternoon or movie night : you can also give unforgettable experiences for Mother's Day, such as a night of pizza and a family movie with the TV or projector or an afternoon with your favorite card or board games , from the ludo to Dixit, through mimicry, Exploding Kittens, solving murders or the Secret Code. In this video you will find 33 ideas for fun games made with simple things to play at home.
  • Experience bonus : if the children have a little money saved and want to give their mother a gift in an experience format, some ideas are a ticket to the cinema or the theater, a spa or massage session, a soap workshop, carpentry, ceramics, painting, etc., a voucher to try the climbing wall, a yoga class... The little one is sure to succeed! To give it to them, you can make a personalized card.


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