“Spring is nature's cry for love,” said Andrea Barani. “Spring is nature's way of saying: Let's celebrate!” said Robin Williams. Cristina Rosseti stated that “spring is when life is in everything.”

Spring is considered the most magical and beautiful season of the year, associated with the rebirth of nature, flowering, the end of hibernation or the return of migratory birds.

Furthermore, this season means that the days lengthen and the nights shrink, that outdoor activities return, that the orchards and fields begin to show the fruits of the harvest, the thermometers rise and the imagination flies. . Picnics are back, opportunities for excursions or the opportunity to walk on the beach, ride a bike or skate. And for boys and girls, the central theme of this blog, spring is an ideal and very special time to discover new things, develop hobbies or let curiosity shine.

At Cucamenta we have compiled eight new things that children can learn in spring.

8 new spring hobbies for children

  • The wonderful world of birds : Spain is home to some of the best places to watch birds in spring, valuable information that you can consult at SEO/Birdlife. Birds in spring become more vocal, sing loudly and offer all their beauty to our sight. You can help children identify the most common birds, recognize their songs or study their migratory routes. Ornithological guides or YouTube channels such as that of the Spanish Ornithological Society will provide you with great wisdom.
  • The fascinating flowering of plants : This is the ideal season to immerse yourself in the colorful universe of flowers, flowering trees and plant growth. Depending on their age, they can design signs for the garden, plant the pots themselves, differentiate the parts of a flower or practice drawing and studying them in person.
  • Nature crafts : Taking advantage of the great wealth of flowers in spring, children can make artistic and botanical crafts such as natural collages, flower crowns, sensory trays or olfactory boxes with flowers, natural perfumes, beans with flowers or flowers on ice. They can even create their own herbal shop.
  • On the crest of the wave : Spring, warmer than previous seasons, but cooler than the scorching moments of summer, is an ideal time for the most active boys and girls to dare to try a new activity such as surfing, an ideal sport to develop aquatic skills, stimulate balance and concentration or strengthen your muscles, in addition to balancing energy, reducing anxiety or improving your mood.
  • Start a garden at home : Even if you don't have a garden, you can start a small garden on the terrace, windowsill or even indoors. The little ones in the house can take advantage of spring to plant basil, cilantro or dill; garlic and spring onions; lettuce and arugula or even cherry tomatoes. You can rely on YouTube channels such as Plantea or La huertina de Toni or specialized blogs such as Un huerto en mi balcony.
  • Adventure on wheels : Spring is ideal for children to learn to skate, since frost, cold or rainy days usually prevent the ground from being dry to start practicing this complete, energetic and fun sport. From 4 or 5 years old they are usually ready to start . Buy the best skates for children in Cucamenta and let them benefit from stress relief, better coordination and spatial orientation or greater flexibility in the joints. Don't forget about protection!
  • Hiking routes : Like autumn, spring is a great time for excursions to the mountains, the sea or the forest. You can read our guide to hiking with kids , stock up on all the necessary gear, and use route-finding apps like Strava, ViewRanger, komoot, Maps.me, Relive, Rustastic Altimeter, or Outdoor Active. It is also advisable to consult the Ministry's Network of Natural Trails.
  • Outdoor fun : Any ordinary spring day can become a magical occasion to jump rope , play a game of bowling , dare to climb , go to the park slide or practice balance.

Whatever you choose, it will be the right decision. Spring is here, full of magical surprises!


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