Traditional toys are those with perfect design, that never expire, that last for decades and are inherited by new generations.

In a time of rapid consumption, fleeting fashions, single-use plastic and constant hyperstimulation, at Cucamenta we are committed to combining new educational toys with the magic of traditional toys, respectfully made with ecological materials such as wood and that have behind it is infinite wisdom, a lot of history and millions of children who have had fun with its proposal. Do you want to know more secrets about them? Well, stay reading.

What are traditional toys and what are their benefits?

According to their most classic definition, they are objects that have been used to play since ancient times and around the world, having a special importance in the cultural identity and development of each country.

Board games such as tic-tac-toe, goose, Chinese checkers or ludo can enter this category; rudimentary costumes, wooden horses or simple games such as kites, spinning tops, yo-yos, marbles, dice, dolls, balls or tabas. Rubber, skipping rope, hopscotch or jenga also go back many decades.

And if instead of toys we talk about games, verbal games such as chained words or movies, physical games such as rock, paper, scissors or white popcorn would also come into play, or pencil and paper games such as naval battle, zeros or Hangman.

Of course, there are also traditional toys made at home or by hand, such as racing cars made from boxes, boats made of walnut shells, rag dolls, cardboard slingshots or bowling pins made from recycled bottles.

In traditional toys we can also include versions of cars, kitchenettes, puzzles or toys for sensory stimulation and psychomotor development for the little ones. Behind its development there is love, respect for the origin, durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, simplicity and imagination.

Are you ready to know everything they can do for the little ones in the house?

Benefits of traditional toys

Traditional toys, most of them made with materials such as wood - along with rope, silicone, organic cotton or paper, among others - are a more ethical, durable and respectful choice than many industrial toys. But they are also a powerful driver of children's physical, mental and emotional health. These are some of its virtues.

  • They stimulate cognitive development : they are constructive games that help them develop everything from vocabulary to literacy, numerical activities, logical thinking or spatial vision, among many other aspects.
  • Creative thinking : Many traditional toys, such as doll houses or wooden trains, encourage free play, involving vivid use of the child's imagination. Many of them have a symbolic character, and when related to real scenarios, vocations and professions, they allow us to work on imaginary worlds, foster empathy and promote the exchange of roles.
  • They improve communication with families : A recent study compared the impact of different types of toys on communication between families and children, concluding that electronic toys generated less exchange of words between the child and their caregiver. Meanwhile, traditional toys help them not only improve interaction, but also enrich their linguistic and communication skills.
  • They promote physical activity : many traditional toys, from swings to yo-yos or marbles, involve movement, muscle development, concentration, coordination, balance, fine motor skills or elasticity. They sharpen the senses, help avoid a sedentary lifestyle and also release excess energy. With these games you run, jump or dance, and you also acquire a sense of rhythm.
  • Emotional work and unforgettable memories : these games allow you to share experiences, manage frustration and put yourself in other children's shoes, resolving your own conflicts and understanding emotions. Children also strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence, improve their mood and help them reduce anxiety.

These types of timeless toys also encourage children to share, take care of their belongings and teach their use to the little ones. And they allow them to know their roots and explore the past: their teachers, their parents or grandparents can tell them memories and experiences with these toys , which strengthens their identity and awakens their curiosity. Don't forget to explore our website in search of your favorite traditional toy.


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