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This Tuesday, January 24 , International Education Day is celebrated. Why is it a key date for our project? At this moment in the calendar it is commemorated and celebrates the role of education as a human right, public good and collective responsibility.

Education and learning are the instruments that the world has at its disposal to break the cycle of poverty that affects millions of people, or to achieve gender equality. And it all starts in the cradle, almost from the first exhale.

Today, education is also an important global challenge: according to UNESCO data , 244 million children and young people are out of school and 771 million adults are illiterate , which represents a violation of their right to education. Furthermore, in 2023, International Education Day is dedicated to all girls and women in Afghanistan , currently deprived of their right to learn, study and teach.

The importance of educational toy

fine motor educational toy

Within education, the toy is a magical, special and irreplaceable element for the development of the child : among its functions, it helps strengthen motor skills, improves sensory stimulation, sharpens creativity, logic or ingenuity or provides collaborative tools, self-esteem and sense of belonging to the group.

However, and although all toys are useful - and almost anything can be transformed into a toy with a little imagination - educational toys have a crucial importance in this era , something that at Cucamenta we know very well , and that is the soul. and the meaning of our adventure.

What is the main difference between a conventional toy and an educational toy ? In that the second is specifically designed with a didactic purpose , offering to enhance and work on certain skills and aspects, such as logical thinking, mathematical skills, language and communication, memory or the management of emotions.

3 educational toys for your children to learn while having a great time

learn English

Educational toys have behind them many hours of pedagogical study, the support of scientific evidence and a development consciously conceived so that the child achieves certain educational and specific objectives when using it.

Each area or type of intelligence has its own toys, and all require progressive learning. It's about enjoying them, exchanging them, trying them and sharing them! There is no need to follow rigid and immovable steps: experimentation is essential.

Additionally, most have several alternative functions and uses. Our advice is that you document the methodology, benefits, recommended ages and skills that each toy enhances. On our website you will find a sheet with very complete information for each product. Thus, you will have no doubts and you will be able to explore the wonderful and wide world that surrounds each game, squeezing its juice to the maximum.

To commemorate this International Education Day , transform the environment and delight the little ones in the house, at Cucamenta we propose 3 very special educational toys :

  • Bee hive : What is this fun honeycomb for, recommended for children ages 3 or 4 and up? This toy works on fine motor skills and creativity . By having to match the bee with its hive, the boy or girl will be able to develop fine motor skills, while exploring their fascination with nature and reinforcing color recognition or numerical counting. You will fall in love with it!
  • Magnetic English Alphabet Book : This magnetic book is a very fun and illustrative toy to promote the aspect of language and communication. Thanks to its 26 magnets with illustrations and 116 magnets with letters, the little ones will be able to learn the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, gaining fluency when speaking English, laying the foundation of the language and honing their hearing ability. For those who prefer to learn the Spanish alphabet first (or at the same time), we also have the Spanish version.
  • Playing with weights : An ideal toy to manage scientific-mathematical skills and logical thinking . This is a balance game with 16 blocks of different sizes and colors that allows children to compare their weight on a nice magnetic scale. The picture cards complete the information and help them improve their skills. In addition to having a great time, these weights will also work on motor skills and concentration.
Finally, a wish for International Education Day 2024: that the number of millions of children and adolescents out of school is increasingly reduced. Education is the tool with which we can change everything.


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