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Decopeques is a Blog about Children's Decoration, Furniture, Fashion and Childcare in which you will find the most beautiful ideas to decorate the rooms and bedrooms of babies, boys and girls. Ideas and photos of rooms, designer furniture, the most current and functional strollers... We also show you the latest trends and collections of children's fashion and activities to do with children such as crafts, games or crafts...
All of their articles offer valuable content and maintain a wonderful aesthetic. We love reading your posts, we learn amazing and original things.
In this month of January, you have visited our online store and noticed our Musical Education materials. They liked them so much that they have written an article on their Blog referring to 2 of these materials:

- The game of 🔗 Musical Rhythms .

  • Montessori music material that contains 135 wooden pieces with different figures, their silences and different rhythmic formulas to work on equivalences and rhythmic composition. The pieces have the particularity that their measurement is proportional to the value of the figure or rhythmic formula it contains. This helps the little ones to use them intuitively. This material is ideal for organizing music learning spaces and corners.

- The game of 🔗 Musical Instruments .

  • Teaching material made of wood, which contains 84 pieces, in which on one side we can see the image of the musical instrument, and on the other side we can see its name. Some of the pieces contain symbols such as the globe and the Iberian Peninsula + the islands. This is because among the pieces, there are typical instruments from the 5 continents and traditional instruments from all over Spain and, of course, many other instruments representative of different instrumental groups. With this material you can classify instruments by families, by instrumental groupings, place them on a world map, etc...

decopeques and cucamenta

You can read the article 👉🏻 here , and we can assure you that it is written with great care and love. From Cucamenta, we are delighted and very grateful to Decopeques .


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