Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end
Leonard Nimoy

What would be of the human being without logical thinking ? Next January 14 is World Logic Day , so at Cucamenta we have decided to take a look at this ability and propose some of the best logic games for children, with the purpose of stimulating this gift early and being able to degrease the gears of your thinking with the most appropriate educational tools.

UNESCO declares World Logic Day to draw attention to its usefulness for the development of knowledge, science and technology. It is key to know its intellectual history, its theoretical importance and its practical repercussions. Let's say that logic is the “machinery” behind our thinking.

Oxford Languages ​​defines it as the “method or reasoning in which ideas or the succession of events are manifested or developed in a coherent way and without contradictions between them.” In addition, it is also the part of philosophy that studies the general forms and principles that underpin human knowledge and thought .

What is logic for? To consciously develop the thinking process, reach correct conclusions, evaluate cause and effect, understand the relationship between events, detect logical fallacies and enrich the ability to argue and debate.

Thanks to logic we avoid deception, we develop metacognition - being able to think about our thinking -, while we strengthen the mind, make new neural connections and also prevent cognitive development. Now, let's move on to the kings of the house: the little ones.

When does logic appear in children?

Logic Games

Although it is estimated that logical thinking develops from the age of 5 or 6, stimulation from the age of one year onwards has an effect , as demonstrated by multiple scientific studies. Jean Piaget, biologist, researcher and father of evolutionary psychology, studied the development of logic in children and divided it into the following 4 major stages:
  • Sensorimotor stage , which spans from birth to 2 years of life. Here children relate to their environment through innate reflexes and sensory information provided by the senses. Touch is especially important, thanks to which they unconsciously establish the first cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Preoperational stage , which ranges from 2 to 6 years. In this phase, reasoning is more fluid and the ability to form mental images appears , essential for spatial ability, creativity, imagination and historical memory, to put words to your memories or draw conclusions about everyday problems. At 4 years old the rational brain appears.
  • Stage of concrete operations , which happens between 7 and 11 years old. It is a key turning point in children's cognitive advancement, acquiring complex skills to carry out hypothetical-deductive reasoning. Children are already beginning to use logic to reach valid conclusions, although they usually need to use specific situations.
  • Stage of formal operations , which takes place from the age of 12. The adolescent is already able to operate with logic and think abstractly by manipulating ideas in his mind, without depending on the concrete manipulation of the object. It is possible to do mathematical calculations, employ abstract reasoning, and imagine the outcome of particular actions. It is time to acquire inferential reasoning , or the ability to think about issues that the individual has not experienced in their real life.

The best toys and logic games for children

logic mastery

There are many ways to stimulate logical thinking in children : remember that encouraging them to explore, learn to make mistakes and adapt to their rhythm, unique to each person, is your task as a father, mother, teacher or loved one.

Logic will make them more critical, enhance their intellectual capacity and improve their memory or mathematical skills. There are many simple exercises and games that gradually stimulate the ability to solve simple problems from the earliest age: joining removable pieces such as Lego, puzzles, memory games to remember images or chess are some very physical toy options. valuable.

There are also video games and online alternatives, such as the famous Minecraft, which includes resolution based on mathematical logic. At Cucamenta we also have a selection of the best logic games for children , such as Logic Case by age or jungle dominoes . Get to know them below:

  • Logic Case : These colorful, challenging and varied sets of puzzles encourage children to decipher and solve the most diverse tasks , boosting their motivation and competence. They are segmented by age, so you can find your Logic Case for 4 years , 5 years and 6 years , with the difficulty adapted to their growth stage and a wide range of cards so they never get bored.
  • Logic Case Extensions : Depending on your children's favorite themes, you can expand the puzzles to encourage their logical thinking using their greatest interests, from everyday life to animals , princesses , nature or works . They are ideal for completing the basic sets and giving them a wider range of puzzles to ignite their mind.
  • Jungle Dominoes: Don't miss the chance for your child to have a great time with this exciting logic toy . A beautiful illustrated wooden domino with 28 pieces, ideal for developing observation, learning to count, controlling impulsivity or basic cognitive processes of visual perception, attention and memory.
Long live logic! Watch your children's progress with logic games and how their brain evolves in a truly amazing way.


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