Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly disconnected
William Plomer

Crafts never go out of style : they are the magical activity that allows you to transform an old plastic bottle into a spaceship, turn a sack of potatoes into a Viking's suit, or see a treasure peek out where others only see garbage.

In addition to being a stimulating activity that they can practice from a very young age, making crafts is a great plan to spend an afternoon with the family , learning to value waste, old objects or unused materials and letting the imagination fly to unsuspected heights.

Among the advantages of crafts for children's health, many can be mentioned: they serve to train the right hemisphere of the brain, the one responsible for emotions, abstraction, spatial vision or aesthetic sensitivity.

Crafts develop creativity, concentration, perseverance and patience , without the speed and immediacy of screens or social networks. In addition to perseverance and effort, they will also improve their self-esteem, self-image and ability to improve , since each craft is a challenge with which they will learn decision-making or problem-solving.

Your confidence will be reinforced. On the other hand, manual work is extremely relaxing: it improves your cognitive capacity, reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the immune system, relieves chronic pain and is a great activity to optimize your mood and sleep better at night.

Finally, crafts are key for younger children to work on fine motor skills , as well as to promote their sensory stimulation, since they allow them to access different textures, densities, sizes, sounds or smells of materials. They are also a springboard to strengthen family and school ties, work as a team and manage emotions. Now, let's move on to the resources. What YouTube channels can you find good crafts on?

6 YouTube channels with crafts for children

Crafts to do with kids

  • Ideas in 5 minutes : This is a very complete channel with more than 16 million subscribers that will become an infinite assortment of great ideas. From scientific experiments to 24 great crafts to do in less than 5 minutes , DIY tricks, crafts for school or fun kitchen challenges. From resin to magnets, this channel has lots of craft supplies for your kids.
  • Innova Crafts : Esther is the brain behind this great YouTube channel designed to decorate children's rooms, make miniatures, wrap gifts, love pencils and pens, create your own homemade stickers, liquid notebooks or cell phone cases. You will find all kinds of simple and fabulous crafts to do with children.
  • Hello Origami : Alice is behind Hello Origami, a channel packed with hundreds of origami ideas for kids. You will learn how to make animals, bookmarks, boxes, greeting cards, toys, Christmas trees, Halloween monsters and much more . You will become stars of origami, the technique that does not require glue or cuts in the paper.
  • Art Attack : Discover some of the crafts that made children all over Spain work and dream on the weekends. On the Disney Channel YouTube channel you can find explanations for building everything from a birdhouse to a maze, a puppet, a boat, identification caps, bookends, a pocket cinema or your own pinball.
  • HOW COOL Crafts : In this channel of crafts made in Zaragoza you will find decoration, jewelry, original techniques, toys, ornaments and in short, a lot of creativity ahead . For example, you can make crafts with ice cream sticks, Christmas decorations with toilet paper tubes, a magic board from scratch, homemade fidget toys or friendship bracelets to hand out at school or on a birthday.
  • Isa's World : On this YouTube channel you can find incredible crafts, from a very original pencil case to wallets with a sheet of paper thanks to origami. For the older people in the house, this channel includes very interesting content on home renovations.

Checklist with basic materials to make crafts with children

craft materials

Before getting to work, it is important to have the basic material for children's crafts on hand. This is our little checklist to help you:
  • Scissors (better with a blunt tip if they are small)
  • Glue stick
  • Colored cardboard
  • Chalks
  • Washable markers
  • Waxes
  • Colored pencils
  • Mandilón to avoid staining
  • finger paint
  • EVA rubber
  • Felt
  • Waste: plastic bottles, ice cream sticks, empty containers or cardboard boxes
  • Clay
  • Clay
  • Brushes
  • Stickers
  • Adhesive paper
  • Decorative elements such as glitter or pompoms
  • Line
You know: the sky is the limit. Get to work, and bring out the craftsman or artist inside you.


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