Human beings are born to play, and this primary impulse accompanies us throughout our existence.

In fact, Stuart Brown said that " what makes the human species exceptional is that we are designed to play throughout life."

Albert Einstein also considered games "the highest form of research," and Plato stated that "in an hour of playing you can discover more about a person than in a year of conversation."

The animals also play, the elders of the house continue to enjoy a good game of cards, ludo, tute or chess, and children, although they do not play to learn, "they learn because they play", as Jean Piaget wisely taught us.

Cucamenta was born thinking about them, about the little ones in the house. We are an online store of educational, musical and educational toys that aims to accommodate the concerns of families, give free rein to children's imagination and accompany them on their path with objects that help improve their skills, multiply their stimuli, help us understand the world. Behind its seed, as in all projects, is an idea, a spark, a particular eureka .

My name is Mercè, I studied musical teaching and also business administration and management. From that cocktail of ingredients the germ of this project emerged, where I wanted childhood and education to go hand in hand in a fun way.

Why is it called Cucamenta?

Every name has its own story behind it, and Cucamenta was made for me.

That's how things happened. A few years ago, my 3 nieces were born, with whom I share games, experiences and amazing life experiences. Carla, the oldest, enjoys the company of animals and always played with the little worms that walked through her garden, making me participate in her adventures. Since in Palma de Mallorca, the city where I live, they are called cucs , I knew immediately that I wanted to integrate that word into the name of my new project.

The light bulb immediately went on: I have always found the word mentor nice, from a pedagogical point of view. The magical union between mentoring and worms was made and CUCAMENTA emerged. Furthermore, the consonants M, T and C are among the first that boys and girls learn in their literacy process along with vowels. I'm proud of the name: it's sonorous, easy for little ones to write, and it also contains a little piece of my personal history.

What is our philosophy?

Cucamenta is not just any online toy store. Our differential brilliance lies in the quality of the toys and their didactic nature: we sell educational and musical toys, and we aim to offer a pedagogical vision of both the game and the toy.

In addition, the portal also functions as a training space where you will find useful resources to improve your children's skills. You will find teaching tips to make the most of all the features and functions of each product, and you will also be able to read studies, recommendations and interviews with education experts on our blog.

Our purpose is to elevate play to the category it deserves: to be part of the comprehensive development of childhood, including psychomotor, social, language, cognitive and communicative development.

Why is Cucamenta different from other toy stores?

I know firsthand that fun is not incompatible with learning, but rather that education is an integral process that touches every moment of life. For this reason, Cucamenta combines quality and top brands with originality and an educational base.

Our toys adapt to the evolutionary stage of each child, they are designed to respect their rhythms and will allow you to get involved in their progress. It is important that reference adults participate in the growth process and have the best educational resources at their disposal. You will have a great time and you will get to know each other better.

On our website you can search for toys by age or category. We have everything from reading and creativity games to outdoor and movement games, symbolic toys, musical or educational toys, with which you can work on aspects such as psychomotor skills, emotions and routines, language and communication or memory and logic. .

Diversity and inclusion are essential values ​​at Cucamenta. For this reason, we also have toys designed for special needs, such as alphabets or numbers in Braille for blind boys and girls.

We end our short presentation with a phrase from Heidi B. Crecelius that stirs the heart: "There is nothing that human beings do, know, think, hope or fear that has not been experienced, practiced or at least anticipated, during the stage of game in childhood. It has been said to play: each Cucamenta toy is the beginning of an unforgettable adventure.


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