There is no need to cry, because life is a carnival and the sorrows are sung
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One of the favorite dates of all the little ones is approaching, the one they look forward to like May water on the calendar: Carnival 2023.

An opportunity to play with your identity, explore your most creative side and transform into superheroes, fascinating animals, magical creatures, creepy monsters or your favorite cartoons.

In addition to being a fun and exciting occasion for children, dressing up provides them with physical and psychological benefits, as well as positive consequences for their development.

What are the advantages of dressing up at carnivals? This process involves play and experimentation, encourages the imagination, allows the free expression of ideas, strengthens empathy and interpersonal relationships, improves communication and in many cases, involves physical activity and movement, which enhances flexibility, balance, good mood or better rest.

If you still don't have ideas about what the best original, homemade or fun costumes for children could be these 2023 carnivals, here are a good handful of ideas, and some extra resources with tutorials to make costumes by hand or learn makeup and face painting ideal for the chance.

6 original carnival costume ideas for children

carnival makeup ideas

  • Animals galore : What little one doesn't dream of being their favorite animal for a day ? In addition, with this costume they will be able to acquire environmental awareness, learn about species in danger of extinction or learn more information about the flora and fauna that surrounds them. To become lions, cats, panthers, cows, frogs, dolphins, sharks, zebras, dogs or horses - among many other options - you can choose to make a full body costume or learn animal makeup ideas with the help of YouTube , dinosaurs included.
  • Elves, fairies and other magical creatures : Story readers and fans of immersing themselves in the fantasy worlds of Tolkien, the Brothers Grimm, or Hans Christian Andersen, are likely to be excited to become gnomes, elves , elves, fairies , goblins or even hobbits - with their warm cape -.
  • From SpongeBob SquarePants to Elsa from Frozen: What is the favorite cartoon series or movie of the king or queen of the house? Thanks to face painting, a couple of craft materials and a pinch of patience, you can turn your child into their favorite fictional character, whether it's Pippi Longstocking, a member of the Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Harry Potter, Elsa from Frozen, Shreek, Nemo, Mulan, Pocahontas or Pikachu, among others. Look how many ideas you can find on platforms like Pinterest !
  • What do you dream of being when you grow up?: Another great idea for original costumes for children at carnival is to choose a profession that they dream of being when they grow up. Thus, the little ones in the house can become painters, farmers, judges, doctors, archaeologists, magicians, astronauts, designers, cooks and a very long etcetera . Take the opportunity to recycle old objects and clothes that you find around the house for clothing and accessories.
  • Its most terrifying side: For children who love horror, mystery, spooky legends or scary classics, a good makeup idea for children - with their respective costume - involves transforming them into werewolves - or the big bad wolf. from Little Red Riding Hood -, vampires, ghosts , evil clowns, diabolical dolls, or characters like Frankenstein, Dracula , Chucky, Edward Scissorhands or Scream.
  • Everyday objects : This experiment will allow you to explore your most creative side as a family to create costumes from the things you use , eat or handle every day in your routine. Try costumes of a traffic light, car, fried egg, mixer, pen, ice cream, match, different types of furniture, fireplace, tools...

Also don't forget other classic and timeless costumes, such as pirate , cowboy, flower, scarecrow, train driver, sun or moon.

Material for face painting and children's makeup

makeup fantasy

At Cucamenta we know that carnivals are a very important date for children, and therefore, in our online store of educational toys we have a careful selection of ideal material for children's makeup and personalized face painting design. It will not only be useful for these carnival dates, but for any rainy afternoon, birthday party, Halloween or special day of the year. There is something for everyone: colors designed for the most terrifying costumes, happier and wilder palettes to turn you into an animal, other assortments focused on magic and of course, also masks for painting your hair. With a single box you can make dozens of different makeups . In the safety department, you have nothing to worry about: our makeup kits are water-based, bio-certified and hypoallergenic, with formulations dermatologically tested and suitable for your children's skin. Happy Carnival, and remember that any day of the year will again be a great occasion to dress up!


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