If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water
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Bath time is one of the favorite moments of the little ones in the house: a special time in which their senses awaken, the sensations multiply, the texture of the foam envelops them, the smell of soap is unforgettable, the The heat of the water relaxes them and they learn to have greater awareness of their body.

Splashing is not only a time of fun: it is also about cognitive development, sensory stimulation, strengthening emotional ties, personal hygiene or progress in language and communication. It is a unique opportunity to explore, to laugh, to refine fine motor skills, release tension, prepare for sleep or promote intimacy and affection with your baby. In this article we want you to know all the advantages of having good toys for the bathtub - ecological, designed for their age and carefully designed to make the most of this aquatic experience - as well as all the health benefits that come with the magical moment of bathing. bathroom. Let's start by telling you what science says about the virtues of bathing for your child's body and mind.

8 benefits of bath time for children

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  • Time without distractions with loved ones : Fathers, mothers or caregivers have a special moment to connect with the child or baby, promote emotional bonds and show them special protection, teaching them self-care and hygiene habits.
  • Learning through experimentation : Toys that sink or float, bath books or silicone rings allow you to learn mathematics, exercise counting skills, perfect reading habits, tell stories and improve language development. .
  • Sensory stimulation : In the bathtub, the baby or child learns to distinguish different temperatures, textures and smells, promoting the optimal development of their senses . To enhance stimulation you can play with elements such as musical atmosphere, soft lighting, a northern lights lamp, bubble baths, bath oils or different soaps. The richness of sensations encourages self-awareness of one's own body.
  • Fine motor skills : Especially in younger children, squeezing sponges or grabbing toys in the bathtub helps develop and work on fine motor skills , which the Medline Plus medical encyclopedia defines as “the coordination of muscles, bones, and nerves to produce small, precise movements.” .
  • Self-regulation : Bath time belongs to the routines that provide the child with security and a feeling of control and structure, essential guidelines to regulate their emotions and behavior. The unique gaming experience is ideal for your motivation.
  • Proper hygiene prevents diseases and infections : The care and cleanliness provided by bath time helps to have a strong immune system to fight infections and bacteria. In addition, the hot shower decongests the nasal passages, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, eliminates brain fatigue and helps cleanse toxins.
  • Cognitive development: During bath time , speaking, listening, hearing or observation skills can be enhanced, but also reflexes, balance or memory through play.
  • You'll sleep like a little angel : A study conducted by scientists at the University of Texas at Austin for the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews confirms that hot baths are ideal for improving sleep and speeding up the process of falling asleep. Ideally, they should be done between one and two hours before going to bed. Hot showers have also been associated with less anxiety, reduced stress and better blood oxygenation.

Bathtub toys that are perfect for your child

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At Cucamenta we know how important, fun and wonderful bath time is. Therefore, we propose these 5 bathtub toys endorsed by specialists and totally safe for them.

  • Magic Book of the Anatole Crocodile : This book from the Lilliputiens brand has everything to make the little ones in the house fall in love with it. It is a fun sensory, aquatic and soft book, in which your most beloved characters will come to life and change their appearance when immersed in the water.
  • Janod Bath Paints : Another of the most fun toys for the bathtub are bath paints. This pack includes 6 paints and a starfish-shaped sponge that will allow boys and girls from 3 or 4 years old to experiment with painting and erasing, learn colors, letters and shapes and unleash their most creative self.
  • Bathtub memory game : This memorization toy is special: you have to match each baby animal with its dad or mom! Help the little one form pairs by working on their memory!
  • Little Dutch water cubes : From a very young age, little ones can enjoy this set of 4 water cubes in 4 colors and illustrated with Little Goose and his gang. They can spill water, stack them and make their own constructions. Splashes, splashes and laughter are guaranteed! In summer, you can take them to the beach.
  • Silicone toys from the Dëna brand : Both the rainbow and the animals , the stackable cups or the rings promote play in the bathtub and also teething - they function as teethers -, sensory play or the child's development in the psychomotor area.
Let's play and splash! May water become your kingdom, and bath time become your favorite time.


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