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Another year, September is just around the corner, and routine returns to all homes. After a spellbinding, fun summer full of new stimuli, experiences, sensory experiences, freedom and adventures, the adults return to work and the children go back to school . Not only is summer magical: autumn holds many surprises.

Returning to daily life and classes involves meeting friends, collecting new material, agendas and calendars, signing up for extracurricular activities and structuring what the week will be like. If you want to encourage your children, in this article you can find some of the best toy ideas for back to school.

toys for back to school

Educational toys are specially designed to encourage learning through play and develop very diverse specific skills and competencies, from fine motor skills to balance, better verbal communication, teamwork, spatial vision, environmental awareness, creativity ...

Also remember that any object, space or waste can become a good toy : an old sheet can be transformed into the canvas of a landscape, some stones can be transformed into small hand-painted figures, and with some colored chalk you can improvise a hopscotch in soil.

Investigate your children's preferences to find the toys best suited to their concerns , encourage them to explore different horizons and also take advantage of the arrival of the new school year to start a hobby that they have never tried before.

Toys for back to school

games for back to school

  • Logic and memory games : Autumn afternoons are ideal for putting the brain to work. In this section of Cucamenta you can find alternatives for all tastes, from the fast-paced Logic Case to jungle dominoes, dice games, counting peas, memorizing pieces and much more. They are ideal for gaining concentration, mental flexibility, visual memory or brain plasticity.
  • Scientific experiments and robotics : Another great alternative to back-to-school toys are scientific and STEM games, which allow them to have contact with science or robotics from a very fun perspective. They'll have a great time building a model of the solar system, building and programming their own robotic arm, bringing an intelligent crab to life, or learning with the weather station.
  • Board games : You can opt for traditional board games such as checkers, tic-tac-toe, Parcheesi or chess; bet on classics like Cluedo or Monopoly, explore the creativity of Dixit, have fun with a family escape room, have a good laugh with Virus or Exploding Kittens, investigate a murder in What Happens at the Golf Club?, or Check who has more mental agility in Secret Code. Board games will engage and captivate children, making their intellectual skills flourish.
  • Crafts for the whole family : The beginning of the new school year is also ideal for daring to explore the world of crafts , bringing out the most artistic side of each boy or girl, learning to give a second life to other waste and materials or designing fascinating makeup. , masks or homemade tattoos. In our online store you will find chalk, special paints -for fingers or for outdoors, for example-, washable waxes and markers, facial makeup or photosensitive boards.
  • A little bit of music : With the return to school, your child may get the itch to dare to explore the fascinating world of music. Your first contact with an instrument can be a musical toy, a fantastic gateway to the world of experimentation, performance or composition. You can try the Magic Touch drum or guitar, the plug-in piano, the harmonica with lights, the xylophone, or the musical activity table. They will gain musical ear, concentration, memory, imagination, motor skills and much more.

To ensure that the return to school is as comfortable as possible, it is important to have a prior adaptation routine for children, instill confidence in them, encourage contact with their classmates, wake them up earlier each day and ensure that they have sufficient hours of rest, Go for a healthy menu, encourage them to do physical activity daily and take their preferences into account when making decisions.

If you're still on vacation, enjoy what's left!


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