"Life begins again when everything begins to creak in autumn"
Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Summer advances unstoppably, and on the September horizon the return to school awaits us: a time that represents a peak in spending for families. According to the OCU's annual survey for the 2022-2023 academic year, the average expense per child when returning to school was 2,186 euros , a higher figure than in previous years, the result of factors such as inflation.

Planning and purchasing in advance are key during these weeks of the year. Having savings strategies for back to school will help you ease your pocketbook, clean up your domestic economy and also put the material you have to better use. Conceive of this moment as a turning point or ritual: it is time to return to routine, to resume classes and to think about extracurricular activities.

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8 tricks to save on back to school

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  • Reuse everything you can : as the BBVA TikTok account explains, it is a great plan to go to the stationery store, but you don't need 10 new pens every year. Take an inventory of what you have at home, throw into each container what is no longer useful and write down the spare parts you need.
  • Recycle the books : create a community, maybe a neighbor, a friend, a brother or a cousin have the school books required for this course. You can join WhatsApp or Facebook groups where this information is shared.
  • Go second-hand : there are second-hand computers at really competitive prices , which will allow you to save hundreds of euros, and the same goes for other technological devices such as tablets or headphones. As for school supplies, you can also barter with friends, neighbors or families of other children.
  • Enough notice: don't rush to buy everything at the last minute and try to compare prices, especially for stationery products and, above all, technology. Disdain impulsive purchases and, if your children accompany you to run these errands, do not give in to useless expenses. It's normal for them to be enthusiastic, but you have to follow a roadmap.
  • Use online comparators : use online textbook comparators such as OkLibros or Ahorra en libros , with which you can find out the price of books on sales sites such as Casa del Libro, Agapea, FNAC, Iberlibro or El Corte Inglés. You can save up to 40%.
  • Look for the aid available in your community: each autonomous community has its own aid for textbooks, which can alleviate the burden of inflation on our pockets. Find out at your town hall. For example, there is the 'check-book' in Andalusia, the 'ACCEDE' Program in Madrid or the Xarxa Llibres Program in Valencia.
  • Prepare a budget in advance : make a complete list of the school supplies you will need to purchase, from uniforms to textbooks or art supplies. Set a realistic spending limit according to your financial situation, prioritize the essentials first, consider additional expenses and try to save gradually. Record everything in detail.
  • Look for offers and promotions : research the discounts available in stores, the 2X1 or the best stores to purchase all the material you need. For back to school, at Cucamenta we have prepared the best discount packs like this one .

So that the return to school is gradual and your children take it with enthusiasm and joy, don't forget to buy them - or make at home - a personalized agenda in which they can write down their activities. You can make a calendar or write down each day's tasks on a blackboard with chalk.

It is important to adjust routines so that in the days before, they get up and go to bed early and their body gets used to the arrival of the school year, obtaining a minimum of 8 hours of rest. Delicious and nutritious food, sports and outdoor walks in nature will increase their well-being, relieve possible anxiety about going back to school and give them the energy necessary for the new adventure.

Remember to say goodbye to summer as it deserves!


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