Black Friday 2023 is a great occasion to buy children's toys, prepare birthday gifts or take a look in advance at the potential letter to the Three Wise Men.

If you don't want to miss this great opportunity that arises at the end of November, at Cucamenta we will tell you when it will take place, what its origin is, some precious shopping tips and also the best recommendations for toys for children this Black Friday 2023.

When is Black Friday 2023 in Spain?

This year the date will take place on Friday, November 24 , although there are already sales on the adjacent days - look for the offers that Cucamenta has on educational and musical games.

The pre-Christmas discount campaign owes its curious name to the state of American roads the day after Thanksgiving. It is also related to the start of Christmas sales, allowing businesses to go from red numbers to profits.

For a few years now, it has been the ideal time to get ahead of December shopping, get juicy discounts and find bargains in sections as varied as fashion, technology or household appliances.

Shopping tips for Black Friday

Toys to give away for Black Friday 2023

Every year electronic commerce gains more weight in Spain: it had a turnover of 72,000 million euros in 2022, growing 25% compared to the previous campaign, according to data from the CNMC.

If you want to take advantage of Black Friday to buy children's toys, keep in mind the main recommendations from experts such as those from the OCU:

  • Use savings comparators: you can check the evolution of prices with a notebook and pen or using specific tools such as Keepa or CamelCamel.

  • Reflect in depth on the previous days : what do you really want to invest the money in? What toys are the most appropriate to meet your children's needs and help enhance their weaknesses?

  • Make a list of the pros and cons of each toy : read the ratings of educational specialists, get tutorials to maximize your performance, take a look at the reviews of other users. In short, do not buy impulsively, but rather deliberately, prioritizing the quality of the toy, its design and its capabilities over quantity.

  • Prepare a budget in advance with a maximum limit of what you want to spend and weigh what each child needs.

The best toys you can buy on Black Friday 2023

  • Light tablets or photosensitive boards : these are one of the gifts that children will get the most out of. They encourage imagination and creativity, cover a very wide age range - between 3 and 12 years old -, stimulate fine motor skills, work on reading and writing, promote relaxation before going to sleep and stimulate artistic skills.

  • Cloth tipi: what boy or girl has never dreamed of having a tipi? This fluffy and fantastic hiding place will allow them to live a thousand adventures, have their own play corner, encourage free play, and above all, invent their own fantasy world.

  • Cocinitas : symbolic play is essential in the early stages of childhood. From the age of 3 you can stimulate their fun by cooking with a children's kitchen that includes elements such as a stove, oven, clock, sink with faucet and the main utensils . To complete, you can give them the pastry kit, the fruits and vegetables to cut, the wooden toaster or tea time.

  • Gardening set : autumn can be a great time to enjoy afternoons of gardening at home with your small children's set of rake, shovel, gloves and watering can . Remember that horticulture is linked to numerous benefits for physical and mental health, such as improving coordination and balance, harmonizing the heart rate, increasing endorphins or reducing anxiety.

  • Workbench and tools : The colder, rainier months lend themselves more to indoor play. An interesting proposal is our well-kept wooden tool bench, an extremely versatile toy that will allow them to build any creation, such as a miniature car. Ideal for stimulating role play, creativity, motor skills and imagination.

  • A musical toy : this Black Friday 2023, give a musical toy. Try the Magic Touch musical activity table, the connectable piano, his first xylophone, his first guitar or the beautiful harmonica with lights. These types of toys help them with sensory stimulation, train their motor skills, develop their talent, enhance their concentration and allow them to release their emotions. They are also ideal for working on coordination, laterality, concentration and multitasking.

If you have any questions about the best toys for Black Friday 2023, we are here. Remember that we are experts in making children happy by focusing on their learning.


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