Especially in recent years, Black Friday is a very important date on the calendar: the term emerged in Philadelphia, where police officers began using it around 1961 to describe the dense traffic of people and vehicles that crowded the streets on Friday. day after Thanksgiving.

This year, Black Friday 2023 will take place next Friday, November 24 , although there are offers available the days before and also after the marked date. It is the ideal time to buy Christmas gifts in advance, plan upcoming birthdays or stock up on games or products that you have been looking for for some time and benefit from a considerable discount.

If you have little ones at home, at Cucamenta we compile the best gifts for babies that you can give on Black Friday. For a limited time you can access our website with a 20% discount on all items.

Stuffed animals and doudous

There is no better welcome gift than a stuffed animal or a doudou , soft, cuddly and comfortable dolls that can become your favorite object of attachment . A beautiful little mouse , a charming giraffe , a fun whale , a cheerful monkey , a sweet rhinoceros , a huggable elephant , Justin the bunny ... there are all kinds of them, some even with a seed bag included so they sleep better and reduce the Colic.

These doudous and stuffed animals give them a feeling of security, comfort, company and tenderness. They enhance coexistence, help them understand their emotions, encourage the process of independence and calm down and calm down when their caregivers are not present. They also help them sleep better.

Sensory stimulation

There are educational toys that are ideal to give as a gift to a baby on Black Friday : they are those focused on sensory stimulation , whose purpose is to enhance the development of touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing.

We highly recommend activity books such as The Sad Whale or Los Conejos Enamorados, works that allow them to learn stories and delve deeper into emotions through beautiful illustrations. Fabrics and textures to caress, colors to look at, or ribbons to explore will help your baby connect with the world.

There are many other sensory stimulation toys for babies , such as musical stuffed animals, Montessori balls, musical activity tables or sound rattles. These elements improve their neuronal connections, are beneficial for their nervous system, help them work on gross and fine motor skills and have better concentration and rest.

Gyms, walkers and play mats

If you want the little ones in the house to have a great time, move and gain agility, motor skills, strength, muscle tone, coordination or balance, baby gyms, walkers and play blankets are the most popular option for make a good gift this Black Friday.

At Cucamenta we have play blankets full of animals, plants, rings, sounds, textures and vibrant colors that will dazzle your senses; A multi-activity walker with which you can learn shapes or get started with the xylophone. fluffy and versatile activity cushions that ensure hours and hours of play, strollers with cubes for walking or the baby gym that you like the most: sailor or with flowers and butterflies.

All of these toys offer a great opportunity to stimulate their physical, sensory and cognitive development.

Teethers and rattles

Teethers and rattles are essential early learning toys. The rattles teach them cause and effect, optimize their grasping capacity and fine motor skills, thanks to them they learn to discriminate between textures, stimulate sight, touch and hearing, strengthen their fingers, help them learn to walk and crawl and strengthen coordination eye-hand. In addition, when they incorporate a teether, they relieve the pain of teeth that are coming out when drinking.

Find on our website the best teethers and rattles with sound, like the adorable Justin bunny teether .


Bathing time is a very special time that you can take advantage of to strengthen ties, have fun, stimulate the senses, play or provide love and protection to the baby.

For this Black Friday 2023 we propose the best toys for bath time. In our selection you will find everything from submersible stories to make magic in the bath, water cubes to have a great time, paints for the bath when the child is a little older or sea sponges in the shape of aquatic animals such as fish, octopus and lobster. .


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