Every year a very special date takes place in spring: Book Day , which is celebrated on April 23 and this year falls on a Tuesday.

In Catalonia it is celebrated with roses and books in commemoration of the legend of Sant Jordi , and in the rest of Spain - San Jorge, marked this day on the saints' calendar - there are many people who take advantage of this day on the calendar to give a novel, an essay or a book of stories to a loved one.

The children were not going to be less. Therefore, in this article we want to recommend the best children's books to give as gifts on Sant Jordi 2024. Reading opens up a universe of possibilities for the little ones in the house: it improves language and vocabulary, develops memory and learning, It provides communication skills, exercises your brain, improves spelling and verbal expression and stimulates your creativity, concentration and imagination.

11 children's books to give as gifts for Book Day 2024

  • Mieko dances (Mariko Miyata-Jancey): Alba Editorial publishes this beautiful illustrated album about Mieko, who loves to dance in a t-shirt and shorts - and not in tight tights and tights - and who feels a warmth in her stomach when Sofía smiles. It's a great story about identity and understanding one's own gender.
  • León has hair of fire (Ricardo Cavolo): The illustrator's first children's story, published by Planeta, is a tender story about his son's hair and the importance of educating in values ​​such as respect and acceptance of diversity in the world. Cole.

  • Consent. The body is only touched with permission (Carmen Esteban): Enzo lives with his family in Erizona, and one day, Mrs. Aguja, a friend of his mother, visits them. When she leaves, she wants Enzo to give her a kiss and a hug, but an enormous discomfort takes over and he accidentally pricks her. His mother will explain to him that no one should touch him without permission and explains what consent is. This book aims to raise awareness and prevent child sexual abuse.
  • Disaster House (Roberta Vázquez): The Blackie Books collection for children, called Blackie Little, premiered this year Disaster House, punkish, colorful, crazy and adorable vignettes about a quirky neighborhood community. Ideal for kids looking for a hilarious sitcom.

  • Inmobiliaria Topo SA (Gemma Camblor, Esther Gili): A beautiful story of improvement and friendship starring Blas Ratoncio who returns home after a long trip and will have to save some acorns to survive during the winter. You will find invaluable help from your neighbors and amazing work.
  • From the cradle to the moon (Antonio Rubio, Óscar Villán): This collection of twelve stories by Kalandraka (Moon, Paper Bow, Meow, Crocodile, Five, I Spy, Violin, Shoe, Tree, Lemon, Fruits and Animals) is composed of stories so that babies can "educate the eye and sweeten the ear." A real gem to get started in the magical world of books.

  • The terrible Adele (Mr. Tan): This collection of comics presents a very careful heroine, who questions many things in the world of adults and everyday reality with so many rules, duties and vegetables. Sweet and fragile, but playful and fun, all her readers will fall in love with her.
  • Ñac Ñac (Emma Yarlett): Ñac-ñac, the book-eating monster, has bitten the pages of this album until he escapes from it... and has already begun to eat other stories. The synopsis of this story promises humor and tenderness for children from 3 or 4 years old.
  • One of Monsters (Rocío Bonilla): Algar Editorial has in its catalog this terrifyingly funny story in which appearances can be deceiving, written by the author of the international success What Color Is a Kiss? Its protagonists will discover a monstrous secret in the market.

  • The Book of Wonders (Pere Ginard): Under the title "illustrated inventory of almost all things living, dead and imagined", this album of Books of the Red Fox brings together 101 plates with unusual series through which more than a thousand drawn characters and "things" that make up an enchanted world, where the unexpected, the wonderful and the diverse reign.
  • Best Friends (Miguel Tanco) : The Libre Albedrío publishing house publishes this story about the endearing story of friendship between a child and his best friend in the world, furry and four-legged. A tribute to the unforgettable connection and special love between humans and dogs.

Do you already know which children's book you will give for Sant Jordi 2024? Enjoy reading!


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