Logic will take you from A to Z; imagination will take you everywhere
Albert Einstein

The little ones in the house see magic where many adults are not able to see anything: they take out a magic broom from a stick; from old bottles, spaceships; from a cardboard box, a fantastic animal. They dream of tree houses, secret burrows, flying cars, fairies, goblins and monsters. Through symbolic play , for example, they develop multiple skills.

To have your own hiding place and give even more wings to your imagination, a tipi is the best gift you can give to a son, nephew, cousin or friend. You can put it in any corner of the house - the game room, the living room, your bedroom or even outside on a summer afternoon or night - and see how it becomes your favorite corner of the house.

Advantages of children's teepees: an infinite world of possibilities

  • Enormous versatility : a tipi is much more than a tipi. It becomes both your private corner, a refuge from the outside world and a space from which to imagine multiple universes and games. It can also be a resting corner.
  • You gain storage space : a tipi can be ideal for storing your favorite toys, but also for having a “picnic” inside the house, taking a nap or telling stories. As we say, there is no more versatile toy.
  • It is a special space that gives you privacy or fun : you can read with a flashlight, relax when you feel anxious, and feel protected. Drawing, making shadow puppets, singing and listening to music or listening to a story are other activities that you can do inside the tipi. Furthermore, it gives them confidence, self-sufficiency and independence.
  • A great opportunity for symbolic play : the tipi will become a simulation space for an Apache fort, your Wild West refuge, a mountain house, a pirate ship, a restaurant kitchen or a cabin in the woods . Secret meetings, scary stories, wild adventures and much more will take place inside.
  • Development of social and cognitive skills : the symbolic and unstructured play of the tipi allows them to exchange roles, stimulates imagination and creativity, encourages abstract thinking and problem solving and gives them team cooperation skills, encouraging them to negotiate, set limits and share your toys. It also stimulates empathy.
  • Outdoor play : on warmer days the tipi allows you to go outside to play, being a space for playing, resting or protecting yourself from the sun. With this type of game, the child is more connected to nature, receives vitamin D and sunlight, reduces stress levels, disconnects from screens and avoids a sedentary lifestyle, since it involves greater physical activity.

The Cucamenta children's tipi

In Cucamenta you can find our fantastic tropical animal tipi , suitable for boys and girls from two years of age. A magical place with a fabric decorated with exotic style, which can be machine washed and that you can transport anywhere.

As for its technical characteristics, it has a 95-centimeter-high entrance, whose two wings are tied on each side with the help of ribbons. It consists of 4 FSC® certified wooden rods, each divided into 3 pieces connected by plastic tubes. Its assembly and disassembly is very simple.

Inside the tipi, the atmosphere is transformed: boys and girls will feel like they are in the jungle, on the beach, in outer space, at the North Pole, or in short, wherever they want. Without a doubt, one of the best gifts you can give them. It will last for many years, it allows play and complicity between siblings, and it is valid for all homes: you only need a small corner to put it.


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