"Imagination is the golden path everywhere"
Terence McKenna

Along with books, toys, sports or outdoor activities, series and movies are great allies for the entertainment and psycho-emotional development of children .

In the catalogs of the best-known streaming platforms it is possible to find all kinds of products, both classic cartoon series and new proposals with an inclusive, feminist and environmental message ideal for the little ones in the house.

In today's article we will focus on one of the most used platforms in the world, and specifically, in Spain, the almighty Netflix, which has a great children's offering at your disposal. These are the 15 best children's series to watch on Netflix : from valued remakes like Anne with E or Carmen Sandiego to timeless hits like Pocoyo and SpongeBob SquarePants or award-winning series like A Series of Unfortunate Events.

The 15 best children's series to watch on Netflix

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  • Larva: Miniature adventures without dialogue ideal to awaken children's curiosity and make them laugh out loud. In this series, a pair of intrepid red and yellow worms spend their time investigating the incredible objects that fall through the grate into their underground world.
  • Cleo and Cuquin: It is considered one of the best series for preschool children. Its protagonists are Cleo - the eldest daughter - and Cuquin, the baby of the Telerín family, are the protagonists. The second commits mischief and gets Cleo and her brothers into trouble, who will have to live a thousand adventures and make plans to get out of trouble. It is a happy, imaginative series and ideal for discovering what they want to be when they grow up.
  • Anne with E: It is the new incarnation of the old series of Anna of Green Gables, based on the book by the Canadian Lucy Maud Montgomery , published for the first time in 1908. Its protagonist is the incomparable Anne Shirley, a creative orphan girl. and wakes up adopted by two brothers in the small fishing village of Avonlea, at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Carmen Sandiego: One of the best series about video games and a reboot of its predecessor series in the nineties. Children will be amazed by Carmen Sandiego, a peerless thief who travels the planet to thwart the evil plans of the VILE organization, with the tireless help of her companions.
  • Hilda: Based on the graphic novel by Luke Pearson, this Netflix children's series is a cult gem loaded with awards . In it, a brave blue-haired girl goes from her home, in a magical world with elves and giants, to the city of Trolberg, where she will face great dangers and meet new friends. Critics have defined it as “sophisticated, extravagant, wonderful and emotional.”
  • The InBESTigators: Children who are enthusiastic about action and mystery will thrill with The InBESTigators, a series in which a ten-year-old girl named Maudie decides to found a detective agency with her friends to investigate a lot of crimes.
  • Oliver and Benji: A Japanese animated series of those that never die, based on the popular manga of the same name created by Yoichi Takahashi in 1981. The little ones in the house will learn about sportsmanship, team spirit, effort and frustration with the members of Shutetsu, the team that dreams of winning the national soccer championship.
  • Spirit: A fearless, wild series full of learning. In a small Western town, a city girl connects with the indomitable horse Spirit and begins to experience wonderful adventures in the company of her friends Pru and Abigail.

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  • Dora the Explorer: You have almost 200 episodes of Dora the Explorer at your disposal on Netflix , one of the children's series with the most fans in history. Its protagonist travels along beaches, rivers and mountains, finds mysteries, solves adventures and discovers the world around her with great curiosity.
  • Paw Patrol: Boys and girls are amazed by the Paw Patrol, the gang made up of the heroic pups Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and Skye led by a ten-year-old boy. Each of the dogs has a special ability and a different personality to hook and enchant children.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: This series is based on the world-famous bestsellers by writer Lemony Snicket, starring the Baudelaire orphans - Violet, Klaus and Sunny - whose perverse guardian, Count Olaf, wants to take over their inheritance. The brothers will cunningly outwit their plans and try to reveal the death of their parents. Inspiring, macabre, humorous, endearing... the little ones will enjoy this delicious gothic novel.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: One of the best children's cartoon series, adored by critics and with a magnetic and colorful aesthetic. The little ones will dive into the little town of Elmore to live the fun daily adventures of Gumball and his peculiar family: his father is a 1.95 meter pink rabbit, his mother sells rainbows, there is a blue cat, a red fish with legs and lungs and a gifted bunny. You too will fall in love with the clan!
  • Peppa Pig: The most peculiar little pig in cartoons, and her adorable family, need little introduction. Some drawings available on Netflix and especially recommended for children between 4 and 6 years old. They will learn games, interesting things, good healthy habits or knowledge such as letters, colors and numbers.
  • Pocoyó: On Netflix you can also watch Pocoyó, one of the most famous children's series, pioneer of 3D animation and winner of international awards such as the Annency or the BAFTA. It stars a very curious boy and his friends, with whom he will live endless adventures. It is characterized by its educational and pedagogical purposes and for being ideal for the sensory stimulation of children . It has 157 episodes, so you have plenty of time.
  • SpongeBob: Iconic from the late nineties, it stars the funniest and most adorable underwater creatures. One of the best series you can watch on Netflix.
Depending on your children's tastes, select the children's series best suited to their age and tastes, ration daily screen time and combine them with other sources such as reading or writing, to also enhance their imagination and creativity.


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