When playing, children relocate their worlds to make them either less scary or less boring.


As we previously told you in Cucamenta, puzzles provide many benefits for children . They are a portable, fascinating and wonderful toy, which discovers a new world every time, which enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills while allowing you to put into practice pattern recognition, memory and gross and fine motor skills. .

Puzzles like the human body puzzle that we have in Cucamenta are a treasure to enhance numerous areas: they improve concentration - it is important to select them according to their age, so that excessive frustration does not occur -, they allow them to acquire spatial awareness and learn different notions , in this case biology and functioning of the organism and the parts and elements that make it up. You will find puzzles on all kinds of themes, from the solar system and constellations to different types of animals, landscapes or works of art.

For the little ones, moving the delicate puzzle pieces in a precise way involves training their dexterity and enhancing fine motor skills, which involves pincer grips with the index finger and thumb, key in activities such as sewing or writing. But it doesn't stop there: puzzles are also children's best allies to stimulate hand-eye coordination. In other words, the eyes and hands work together. Additionally, your visual memory increases.

And of course, puzzles are excellent degreasers for the brain : little ones learn planning, organization and sequencing tasks, gain flexibility and cognitive agility, gain speed in their brain connections and also improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Puzzle of the human body: why it is so successful

One of the stars of our catalog is the human body puzzle, a set of four giant educational puzzles that amazes children, answers many of their questions and completely wins their attention.

Among its features, this complete puzzle includes a 50-piece double-sided girl/boy puzzle, a 75-piece human body organs puzzle, and a 100-piece phosphorescent skeleton puzzle. Each puzzle measures one meter high and comes with detailed educational cards to help children understand and learn about the different parts of the human body. They are available in twelve languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque, Slovak and Czech.

These are five of the reasons why this educational toy is so popular and is an ideal gift option for the little ones:

  • It immerses them in the exciting world of science : recommended for ages five and up, it allows them to discover the physical differences between girls and boys and understand how their own bodies work.
  • Its enormous size and great design is a magnet for them : the fact that they are one meter high is an added attraction for this toy.
  • They feed curiosity : this set of puzzles promises them a great reward, that of those images of the human body as big as them.
  • They allow you to work as a team : in addition to stimulating the brain, coordination or psychomotor skills, these puzzles are ideal for promoting collaboration and cooperation between siblings, cousins ​​or classmates. Among several, they can improve the result and find a way out of the different challenges and the search for the right piece for the puzzle.
  • Goodbye to stress : puzzles are a very relaxing activity for both children and adults, which helps combat anxiety and stress, escape from the current digital hyperstimulation, have a form of conscious rest and have an oasis of serenity.
  • Source of joy and pleasure : when doing puzzles, children release endorphins and dopamines, two of the neurotransmitters best known as happiness hormones, responsible for generating pleasure, well-being and joy. Therefore, this fascinating toy is an excellent mechanism to improve mood and enhance happiness.

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