Like every year, Father's Day takes place on March 19 , a date that in Catholic tradition coincides with the festival of Saint Joseph, father of Jesus and husband of the Virgin Mary. The origin of this celebration is very curious: we owe it to Manuela Vicente Ferrero, a teacher at the Vallecas del Santo Ángel de la Guarda school, in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas, and who decided to start celebrating Father's Day at school. starting in 1948, urging children to prepare gifts.

It so happened that this teacher was also a columnist, so she used her articles published in magazines and newspapers of the time to publicize her initiative. The owner of the famous Galerías Preciados contacted her in 1953, the year from which they began to promote gifts for Father's Day, achieving resounding success.

What original, beautiful and different gifts can boys and girls give to their parents to have a special detail, express their love and give free rein to their creativity? Here are a few good ideas.

10 gift ideas for children for Father's Day

  • Customizable stories : there are publishers and projects that allow you to give illustrated and customizable stories, ideal for parents to spend time telling these stories to their children. Find some examples at Librio or Ludobooks .
  • Origami and origami : thanks to YouTube channels such as Juntines , Crafts for Children or Crafts Play, children can make a shirt, a jumping frog, a dog or a paper bird to give to their parents and, at the same time, obtain all the benefits of origami, how to improve your manual dexterity, exercise your attention span and stimulate your imagination.
  • A homemade lamp : a decorative or bedside lamp is an original and unforgettable gift for Father's Day , great for children who like crafts. You can make it with cardboard thanks to Pablo Inventos ' tutorial; go for paper , or even dare with the homemade experiment of a lava lamp.
  • A voucher for a fun plan
  • A nice envelope and a plan to do together written on a card - even accompanied by a vignette or a drawing - is a great experiential gift idea: it can be a trip to your favorite place - with a disposable camera to take photos -, tickets to a play, sports show, or movie night or
  • A dinner made by the children
  • Depending on their age, the little ones in the house can make - with a little help or on their own - a pizza with homemade dough, sushi - the preparation ritual is laborious but very fun -, a special cake for Father's Day , deviled eggs shaped like mushrooms, Alfredo pasta or even hamburgers. In Pequerecetas you will find a lot of interesting resources and recipes.
  • Constellation sheet for your special day
  • Different online stores and websites allow you to order prints of what the sky was like the day you became a dad. A personalized and very original idea that will surely bring a few tears to your eyes.
  • Gourmet box
  • What does your father like the most? Children can research and prepare a gift kit with some tins, preserves, cheeses or gourmet nuts to enjoy a snack with the family.
  • Handmade T-shirt
  • Another craft to make gifts for parents is personalized t-shirts. You just have to buy a plain t-shirt and dare with prints, fabric stamps, screen printing, garment markers or even the adventure of achieving a tie dye print .
  • A musical gift
  • There is a very economical, original and ideal gift for music-loving parents who like to share music with their children: put their favorite songs on a pendrive or record them on a CD. If you listen to music from your mobile, an alternative is to create your own personalized Father's Day list on Spotify.
  • Father's Day Postcard
  • Social networks like Pinterest are ideal for researching and looking for ideas and designs to make manual postcards for Father's Day, from the most affectionate to the most fun. They can be in the form of a diploma, a completely free and creative design or some cool phrase. You can also draw him turned into a superhero!


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