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I learn to write


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Well, I'm going to write novels!

Definitely, with this beautiful wooden educational game, I Learn to Write, the little ones will discover the letters of the alphabet and learn to write them little by little.

To begin with, it contains some cards that correspond to a letter.

In addition, on the front it has the letter embossed in three ways, with the writing direction to form the letter correctly.

Also, the relief allows children to run their fingers over the letters and assimilate the shapes and direction of the writing. And on the back, the child will find an erasable side to practice writing the letter following the model.

It is also very practical, since the cards, marker and eraser are easily stored in the drawer of the beautiful wooden box.

The game contains a cardboard box, 26 cards, an eraser and an erasable marker.

to. from 2 years intellectual development

The Details

  • Weight:

    2.7 kg

  • Material:

    Wood (plywood), cardboard. The pieces are decorated with water paint.

  • Dimensions:

    24cm x 22cm x 16cm

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I learn to write

At a pedagogical level, any learning should be based on four key points:

* Adaptation to the rhythm of each child. Time must be given for children to learn to think, to have judgment, to discover their abilities and to have self-confidence.

* Autonomy. It is very important that from a very young age we give them space to self-manage, to learn from their environment and thus develop comprehensively. Children learn, let's let them do it in a meaningful way by accompanying them in the process, without directing them.

* Discovery. It is essential to have the curiosity to learn, and that is achieved by giving the option to discover new things. It is at that moment that it makes sense to start the learning process, as soon as the children have become interested in discovering something.

* Autocorrect. Once we put all of the above into practice, we can make mistakes. Brilliant! It's what we need to move forward and improve. The activities and toys that allow you to check their correct execution are fantastic. Children can self-correct and learn effectively.

And the learning of reading and writing with even more reason. We must encourage a taste for this abstract knowledge that is so necessary in our daily lives, and, as always, playing is the best option.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure