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Tie the Shoes!


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Learn and tie your shoes!

The laces on this wooden shoe can help little ones develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills so that one day they can tie their own shoes.

The first step for a child to learn to tie their shoes. Pave the first steps to threading and tying shoelaces.

Extend the play value for younger children by introducing different lacing patterns!


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    0.4 kg

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  • Dimensions:

    10cm x 10cm x 8cm

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Tie the Shoes!

Excellent for development:

* Gripping clamp.
* Manual dexterity.
* Hand-eye coordination.
* Touch exploration.

Knowing how to tie your shoes is an important skill for children. Indeed, it is an important step for the child that allows him or her to gain autonomy and, therefore, promote social ties: both at the level of daily life (a person puts on their shoes to leave the house and go towards the other, to go have fun with their friends, to go see their family...) as well as at school level (someone puts on their shoes during sports, after the pool...).

What pride once you know how to tie your shoes!

On the other hand, not knowing how to tie them is usually experienced as a frustration by the child, who then feels different from his or her peers.

As in all learning, the child must be prepared, it requires time, be accompanied by an adult and adapt to the child's needs.

It is a complex and multifactorial learning process, so it is normal that some children take longer or have more difficulties with it.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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