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City Bus and Taxi


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The city transportation game, City Bus and Taxi , is made of wood and consists of 2 vehicles.

The wheels are movable; Thus, the little ones will be able to imitate the movement of cars.

From 1 yearpsychomotor development

The Details

  • Weight:

    0.45 kg

  • Material:

    Beech wood and water-based paint.

  • Dimensions:

    21cm x 14cm x 6cm

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City Bus and Taxi

Pedagogical tip 🚕 🚌:

Toy cars, or any other type of vehicle that we offer, will be used for the first year as elements to explore, bite, hit and spin the wheels.

Later, they will surely begin to drag them around, even accompanying them in crawling and implementing motor skills and laterality.

From a certain age, they will begin to roll them on any surface they can think of, simply enjoying watching them spin and giving them movement.

And as the boy or girl grows, car tracks, roads for toy cars, car parking lots, garages will surely appear, where they will make them travel and where they will invent great stories.

It is then when the time will come to create mini-worlds, in which they will recreate scenes more or less adjusted to reality, in which there will surely be several elements with which to interact to develop a story that they will be able to recreate in their mind.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
Payment Secure