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Box Toys Stimulation 36 months


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A set of toys designed for babies from 36 months: it is the Janod Box! Specially designed to encourage reflection, this children's box contains 4 wooden educational games.

  • First of all, a abacus which will be the ideal support for the child to learn to reproduce constructions and understand the concept of size, thanks to the 6 double-sided example cards included. Shaped like 3 trees made up of 4 pieces each, it is an educational game that requires observation and logic.
  • Additionally, the case includes the “Superbeaver” wooden balancing game – our adorable wooden beaver needs help transporting all the materials to the dam! Composed of 26 pieces, this wooden skill game can be played in 2 ways: alone or in a group, or by stacking the piece of the color that appears when rolling the included dice. It's about thinking and using your motor skills so that everything doesn't fall apart!
  • Also part of this game case is a musical toy inspired by the pond: a beautiful chime accompanied by a reed-shaped wooden drumstick. Each element of this sound toy has a circle of a color to start learning colors or logical series.
  • Finally, the child will enjoy riding a wooden puzzle on the topic of emotions: with the image of our friend the beaver, it helps the little one to expand their vocabulary and better identify emotions. 4 emotions are represented (joy, sadness, fear and anger), which have a different colored background to guide the little one.
from 3 years psychomotor development

The Details

  • Weight:

    1.5 kg

  • Material:

    FSC certified wooden and cardboard toys

  • Dimensions:

    36cm x 26cm x 9cm

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Box Toys Stimulation 36 months

At 3 years old, the child gradually grows and develops his cognitive and social skills.

That is why we chose to have the advice of a psychomotor specialist to design a set of educational toys in accordance with the child's pace of development.

This way you are guaranteed to offer durable wooden toys that stimulate the child's sight, hearing, vocabulary, fine motor skills and logic: to learn to grow up!

Inside the Janod Box you will find an explanatory leaflet to learn how to use these educational games.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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