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Tooth boxes


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Character/Color: Rabbit/Blue KACD00035A

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Cute wooden tooth box, 3 characters available (rabbit, bear and fox) in an easy to use format. Simple opening and closing system made with a silicone ring.

Around the age of 5 or 6, baby teeth may begin to fall out, gradually giving way to permanent teeth. This process worries children, and the best way to deal with it is by explaining to them that it is something normal, that it has to happen, and by delving into oral hygiene education.

To support the little ones in this transition, some families can choose to exchange that tooth that has fallen out for a gift, with the figure of the well-known Pérez Mouse or other similar figures. Therefore, our boxes to "hide" those teeth are perfect for that game, especially at younger ages.

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    6cm x 6cm x 8cm

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Tooth boxes

The healthy habits we learn as children tend to stay with us throughout life. Good oral health care is one of the most important. For this reason, it is important to present oral hygiene to our children as a game, and convey to them the feeling that they have achieved an achievement.

Punishment is not sought, but positive reinforcement.
This tooth box is the right size so that our children's little hands can manipulate it.

The tooth box comes in different models with soft colors and a very sweet appearance. They will decorate the little ones' room.

Material: wood.

Size: 6cm.

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