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Multi-activity walker


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This beautiful multi-activity push cart is specially designed for learning to walk. It will accompany children in complete safety from 12 months onwards. Its invisible and removable brake allows you to lock the wheels and release them gradually in order to control the speed of the cart during learning.

In addition to walking, the child will be able to test his/her fine motor skills and dexterity with the 9 possible recreational activities: abacus, shape box, maze, gears, rotating button with sound, "scratcher", rotating magnifying mirror, drum and metal xylophone to stimulate your musical sensitivity.

This ingenious cart has a felt mat to reduce noise and cushion the cubes from falling. And the wheels are silent! If we add to this its current design and its soft colors, it is totally irresistible!

We love the natural wood, as well as the white and gray, highlighted by the colorful details of the numerous activities on this stroller for little children. This walker, with soft colors and rounded shapes, progressively accompanies the child in their first learning.

In this video , from the Improve Musical Education YouTube channel , you can see how Eloy and Mar stage the qualities of sound through a song.

1 yearmotionmusic

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    3.5 kg

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    44cm x 33cm x 14cm

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Multi-activity walker

Musical Tip 🎶:

This walker includes buttons with sounds, a small drum-like membrane, a 4-plate metallophone and a set of drumsticks. We can stimulate conscious hearing simply by manipulating the sound options of the walker. At the same time, we can play auditory discrimination, identifying sound differences and then guessing the sound.

In addition, we can work on our little ones' ears with the different musical notes on the metallophone plates, from high to low and vice versa. A very visual and graphic activity to differentiate high and low sounds is to use movement. Up high, down low.

(Watch video in description)

Size: 34.5 x 37 x 47.5cm

Material: Wood, felt / Water-based paint.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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