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Magnetic Treble Clef


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This magnetic treble clef can be used with the musical magnetic board >.

The treble clef is the most used clef in music.

It is of great importance because it allows the representation of high-pitched sounds, such as the violin, flute, oboe, piano (right hand), and soprano and alto voices.

With this treble clef, children will be able to start their musical creations on our magnetic musical board.

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Magnetic Treble Clef

Musical Tip 🎶:

The clef is the figure that is placed at the beginning of the staff in any piece of music.

Its position is not random. The rounded part is placed on the 2nd line of the staff.

This position indicates that the 2nd line will be a SOL. From there we can read the other musical notes.

This reference point allows us to know how to read and write musical notes and all musical nomenclature symbols in sheet music, which in turn are sets of Staves.

* 🎼 the treble clef on the second line of the staff
* 🎼 This line becomes the sun line, where we write the note
* 🎼 The upper space becomes for the note A and the lower space becomes the note F
* 🎼 We continue with the lower line for the note Mi and the upper line for the note Si
* 🎼 The musical ladder continues ascending and descending in the order shown

Musical Keys fulfill an essential function: establishing a reference to create an arrangement of notes that allows us to write them at different heights, in such a way that we can easily read them, thus representing their sound.

Using one key or another depends on several factors: the musical range of the instrument (higher or lower, sound range), number of voices in parallel, musical genre, performers, etc.

Free Shipping From 80€
Returns Up to 30 days
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